Secure email service

Safeguard your organization with Mimecast's secure email service.

secure email

Safeguard your organization with Mimecast's secure email service.

Mimecast's secure email service provides enterprise-grade protection against advanced email-borne threats and potential data loss. As a subscription-based secure email service, Mimecast provides always-on and always up-to-date protection eliminating the complexity and reducing the cost associated with traditional email security solutions.

The threats to email continue to grow in number and sophistication. From routine spam, viruses and malware to advanced attacks like spear-phishing threats, the risks to your email system require comprehensive defenses that are continually informed by the latest updates on known and emerging threats.

Mimecast secure email service provides multi-layered detection engines and threat intelligence to protect your email data, your employees and your organization. Mimecast's defenses are continually refined and improved to stop new and advanced threats before they reach your network. Administrators can centrally manage security policies from a single web console, monitoring email traffic and responding quickly to evolving situations. Mimecast improves Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 email security through seamless integration with both platforms. Ultimately, Mimecast's unified secure email service enables you to dramatically improve security while simplifying managing your email system.

An all-in-one secure email service.

Mimecast's secure email service offers comprehensive protection to solve critical email security threats, including:

  • Advanced threats - Mimecast's Targeted Threat Protection defends your system from threats like a phishing or spear-phishing attack by scanning and blocking malicious links in email and attachments, preventing employees from accidentally downloading malware or inadvertently revealing credentials.
  • Spam and malware - Mimecast's Secure Email Gateway provides SLAs for 99% anti-spam protection and 100% anti-malware protection.
  • Data leaks - Mimecast protects your company from inadvertent or malicious data leaks by scanning all email communications in real time, using flexible policies and pattern matching, file hashes, keywords and dictionaries to block or quarantine suspect emails.
  • Large file sharing - With Mimecast's secure email service, your employees can send and receive files up to 2 GB directly from within their mailbox applications, eliminating the need for third-party file sharing services that don't provide adequate security or compliance control.
  • Loss of sensitive data - Mimecast Secure Messaging provides a secure channel for sending and receiving sensitive information without needing special knowledge of encryption, access keys, or the installation of additional hardware and software.

Benefits of Mimecast's secure email service.

With a secure email service from Mimecast, you can:

  • Minimize the complexity of managing email security.
  • Stop threats before they reach your network.
  • Achieve rapid ROI with zero capital outlay.
  • Provide support for legal and regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Integrate email security with Mimecast's email continuity services and solutions that make it easier to archive and search email.

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