Recovery Management Solutions

    Mimecast recovery management solutions enable users to reduce the complexity of managing email retention and protecting data from loss or corruption.

    Minimize cost and complexity with email recovery management solutions

    When seeking new ways to protect email data more easily and cost-efficiently, Mimecast recovery management solutions enable administrators to reduce the cost and complexity of managing email retention and protecting data from loss or corruption.

    Access to email is critical to business operations. From enabling communication to providing historical records that can deliver insight and business intelligence, email is a vital and valuable business asset that must be preserved and protected. Preventing data corruption, loss and cyber threats directed email requires superior backup and recovery management solutions – but selecting the right platform can be a challenge. Many solutions add significant cost to IT budgets, or pile additional administrative burden on IT teams.

    Mimecast can help – with recovery management solutions that are both cost-effective and easy to use.




    Recovery management solutions from Mimecast

    Mimecast Sync & Recover for Exchange and Office 365 offers simple and streamlined recovery management solutions for restoring email, calendars and contacts that have been lost to deletion or corruption. Mimecast's data recovery software is part of an all-in-one solution for email archiving, continuity and security, and is fully integrated with Mimecast Cloud Archive.

    When email systems go down or data is corrupted or deleted, Mimecast recovery management solutions enable fast restoration of mailboxes, contact lists, calendar items and personal folders from the Mimecast archive. Mimecast regularly synchronizes content in user mailboxes with replicated data in Mimecast Cloud Archive, and maintains a consistent folder structure within the Mimecast Cloud Archive across Outlook, mobile devices and Mimecast Personal Portal interfaces.

    With Mimecast recovery management solutions, you can:

    • Centralize and unify management of archiving, compliance and data resiliency.
    • Give administrators simple-to-use tools for configuring recovery and search.
    • Manage email retention policy with granular retention management, defining policies at the Exchange folder or mailbox level.
    • Simplify mailbox storage management by automatically removing email data from mailboxes while maintaining seamless access to messages through a link to the archive.
    • Deploy recovery management solutions quickly, with no hardware or software to install or manage.
    • Use Mimecast business continuity services to provide employees with access to email during planned and unplanned downtime.


    Mitigate ransomware with Mimecast recovery management solutions

    In addition to simplifying data backup and recovery, Mimecast recovery management solutions serve as part of a holistic defense against ransomware attacks. When ransomware successfully blocks access to email, contacts and calendars, administrators can use Mimecast Sync & Recover to quickly restore data that has been replicated to Mimecast Cloud Archive, effectively neutralizing the impact of an attack.

    Learn more about recovery management solutions from Mimecast, and about Mimecast file recovery software.

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