eDiscovery software

eDiscovery software services from Mimecast

Simplify compliance with powerful eDiscovery software.

When complying with litigation and eDiscovery requests threatens to overwhelm IT teams, eDiscovery software services from Mimecast can help.

The volume of email and other data produced by the average organization is growing exponentially every year, complicating data retention and eDiscovery services. As new regulations appear and existing regulations evolve, managing compliance and responding to eDiscovery can quickly strain the resources of even the largest IT teams, compromising quality and timeliness. And when eDiscovery is not accurate and on time, the resulting risk and exposure can lead to devastating consequences.

To manage the retention, search and discovery of email and other electronically stored information (ESI), organizations need powerful eDiscovery software that can simplify management, reduce costs and ensure data security and privacy. That's where Mimecast eDiscovery solutions can help.

eDiscovery software services from Mimecast.

Mimecast offers an all-in-one subscription service with solutions for information archiving, email continuity and ESI security. As a cloud-based solution, Mimecast can be deployed quickly and without capital cost. And as a comprehensive solution for managing and protecting email, Microsoft eliminates the need to deploy an array of disjointed point solutions from multiple vendors.

Mimecast eDiscovery software services are an integral part of the Mimecast Cloud Archive. This secure, central repository of corporate data aggregates email, files and other information in a single location, replicating data to provide redundancy and protect against data loss.

Mimecast Cloud Archive and eDiscovery software provide:

  • Comprehensive support for responding to compliance, litigation and eDiscovery requests, with tools for legal hold, retention, case management and data export.
  • Fast search tools that enable users to find email and data within seconds, accelerating eDiscovery processes and reducing the administrative burden of compliance.
  • Self-service options for legal and compliance teams that enable them to handle search and retrieval without involving IT teams.

Reduce cost and complexity with Mimecast eDiscovery software.

Mimecast eDiscovery software offers significant benefits for organizations seeking to improve compliance and eDiscovery processes.

By simplifying retention management, Mimecast eDiscovery software helps to reduce costs and administrative overhead. Legal, compliance and IT teams can respond to requests for information in far less time and with much less effort.

Mimecast eDiscovery software enables users to find information within seven seconds, improving productivity and providing faster access to insight. And by enabling users, compliance and legal teams to find archived information on their own, Mimecast helps to free IT departments to focus on other strategic priorities.

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