Cloud Archiving

Multipurpose cloud archiving for compliance, legal, and business transformation.

Cloud archiving simplifies data retention.

As the volume of email and other data in your enterprise expands, cloud archiving with Mimecast provides solutions for managing business-critical information more easily and effectively. Access to current and historical email and files is essential – these archives are the primary record of business communication and highly valuable corporate assets. Proving regulatory and legal compliance often depends on accurate retention and effective search and retrieval of email and business files. Mimecast cloud archiving solutions provide secure and perpetual cloud archive storage with predictable costs and easy scalability, as well as unique tools for streamlining collaboration and knowledge workflows.

Cloud archiving with Mimecast.

Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving provides a single, unified archive in the cloud for archiving email, files and IM conversations. Cloud archiving empowers you to avoid the spiraling expense of hardware and software associated with many legacy on-premises solutions. Mimecast's cloud archiving technology makes information instantly accessible, so employees and administrators can find a single email, file or IM and to support e-discovery and litigation hold requests.

Mimecast's cloud archiving solution includes:

  • Cloud email archiving. Mimecast cloud-based email archiving solution retains a copy of every inbound, outbound and internal email, along with detailed meta-data (including email recipients and delivery date and time) and a copy of the email if it was changed by policy enforcement. Administrators can centrally manage policies to keep mailboxes small and offload long-term email storage to the cloud, while employees can access any email at any time from any device.
  • File archiving. With Mimecast's cloud archiving solution you can store files along with email and other corporate data to create a more complete information archive. By keeping all data in a single repository, you eliminate the silos of information that frustrate employees and make finding information when they need it cumbersome.
  • IM archiving. IM chats are an increasingly important part of business communications. Cloud archiving with Mimecast lets you archive email, file and IM conversations together, simplifying search, e-discovery and compliance.

Make e-discovery and compliance easier with cloud archiving.

Responding to litigation requests and documenting compliance can be an overwhelming task for IT departments already under resource constraints. All critical corporate information is combined into a single data repository with cloud archiving from Mimecast, allowing administrators to find information quickly.

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