Lodders proves the case for Mimecast with 20,000 emails blocked in just a few months


Typical of many law firms, Lodders Solicitors are a frequent target of email attacks including spear-phishing, malware, impersonation and spam. The information they hold and the client money retained in bank accounts are a ripe target. Email is the main risk, but attacks have included physical attempts to gain access to their critical infrastructure, and telephone based social engineering trying to trick employees into transferring money to fraudulent accounts. A steady rate of email attacks were successfully getting past their incumbent Symantec Email Security.Cloud defenses. As a point security solution, it did not extend to email archiving and assured availability which had become key requirements given the importance of email communication and the information stored in it.  
Solution and Benefits

Lodders chose Mimecast to boost their email protection and resilience. “Reducing the risk of a breach was key for our ongoing operation, reputation and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) readiness. We also needed a failsafe for our Exchange on-premises deployment and a secure archive of all email data for compliance”, according to IT Director, Alex Loquens.  “Having Mimecast in place as we plan our Office 365 migration reassures us that our email and data is safe both during and after the move”. Lodders has ingested legacy archive data into Mimecast too so that everything is in one immutable store and easily searchable by both end users  and IT. Mimecast’s email security with Targeted Threat Protection has proven its worth quickly, stopping over 20,000 malicious or unwanted emails in just a few months. It will also protect internal email to help prevent the spread of malicious links and attachments that may find their way in via non-email routes. Support desk calls have reduced as staff can search their own archive, release held messages themselves, and access their mail even if the server is down themselves. Loquens notes that… “feedback from staff has been very positive".

[2020/09] Lodders
Location: UK
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