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    Protect your organization, executives, and brand

    Mimecast's Impersonation Protection service - Impersonation Protect provides instant and comprehensive detection of malware-less social engineering-based email attacks, protecting organizations from attackers seeking to impersonate their executives, exploit their name and reputation, and abuse the trust associated with familiar brands and third-party organizations.


    The challenges of impersonation attacks

    Not all email-borne attacks use malicious URLs or attachments. Business email compromise or impersonation attacks often use social engineering and are designed to trick key users such as finance, executive assistants, and HR into making wire transfers or providing other monetizable information to cybercriminals.

    They do this by pretending to be the CEO, CFO, or other important people in the organization and can even impersonate your trusted partners or other well-known internet brands. Some also target departments responsible for sensitive employee data, such as payroll, which is used for identity theft. Detecting and blocking these types of attacks requires deep inspection of the content of an email without impacting delivery speed.


    Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection

    Impersonation Protect service was first to market and provides instant and comprehensive protection against malware-less email attacks seeking to impersonate trusted senders.


    Real-time scanning of all inbound emails to detect header anomalies, domain similarity, recency of the sending domain, sender spoofing,  and suspect email body content.


    External domain similarity protection to prevent attackers from exploiting trusted third-party relationships and well-known internet brands.


    Inspection across various international character sets to detect domain similarities.


    Administrator control over handling of emails; discard the message, quarantine it, or warn the receiver that the email is suspicious.


    A Mimecast managed and Custom Targeted Threat Dictionary identifying key terms attackers use.


    Centralized policy management makes it easy for administrators to manage, report and discover attack campaigns.

    How It Works

    Protection against advanced, targeted email impersonation attacks.

    Mimecast's Impersonation Protection services – Impersonation Protect provides comprehensive real-time protection against malware-less social engineering attacks in email, including CEO fraud, business email compromise and W2-fraud.
    More Features

    Protect against email-based threats with advanced technical capabilities.

    Phishing, spam, business email compromise, malicious URLs, ransomware - these attacks continue to plague businesses. Explore Mimecast's features that protect against these ubiquitous threats.

    URL Protection

    Protect against malicious URLs with every click and on every device with real-time scanning of every link, rewriting of URLs, computer vision logo scanning, browser isolation, and inline employee education.


    Attachment Protection

    Neutralize threats from malware attachments embedded in emails with protection that balances speed of delivery with detection efficacy. Leverages multiple anti-virus engines, static file analysis, safe-file conversion, and behavioral sandboxing to provide advanced, multi-layer protection.


    Browser Isolation

    Defend against sophisticated phishing, ransomware, drive-by downloads, and zero-day attacks with browser isolation capabilities that open target web pages in a remote browser on a secure server in the Mimecast cloud.


    Internal Email Protection

    Rapidly remediate malicious emails discovered post-delivery, apply best-practice security protocols to outbound and employee-to-employee email, and prevent the lateral spread of attacks with internal email protection from Mimecast.

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