CyberGraph – AI Cybersecurity

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    Powerful AI Cybersecurity

    Mimecast CyberGraph utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to protect from the most evasive and hard-to-detect email threats, limiting reconnaissance and mitigating human error.

    Protect against sophisticated, highly targeted phishing attacks with three key capabilities:

    • Email tracker prevention disarms trackers embedded in emails, halting the inadvertent disclosure of information that could be used by a bad actor to craft a social engineering attack.
    • Identity graph technology powered by machine learning detects anomalous behaviors that could be indicative of a malicious email.
    • Contextual warning banners embedded in suspicious emails utilize crowdsourced intelligence and color coding to engage and empower users at the point of risk.

    Secure your email communications with AI cybersecurity that evolves with threats

    Unlike rules-based policies, CyberGraph AI continually learns, so requires almost no configuration. This lessens the burden on IT teams and reduces the likelihood of misconfiguration that could lead to security incidents.

    By understanding relationships and connections between senders and recipients, including the strength or proximity of the relationships, CyberGraph can detect and alert users to anomalous behaviors.

    Color coded warnings highlighting the nature of the threat empower users to report their views, which reinforces the machine learning model and provides crowdsourced intelligence that benefits all customers.

    Why buy or suffer the complexity of managing both a secure email gateway (SEG) and a cloud email security supplement (CESS) vendor? CyberGraph offers differentiated capability integrated into an existing SEG, streamlining your email security strategy.

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    Ready to get started with AI cybersecurity?

    Ready to get started with AI cybersecurity?