IT Security: Summer time - vacation time - how employees can protect themselves from cyberattacks

    Sometimes small things are enough for the perpetrators to complete the created personality profile of the victim, to encourage him to continue with the espionage or to move on to the attack. Michael Watzl, Director Channel Sales DACH at Mimecast explains that in the worst case, the following seemingly harmless contributions can pose a threat if a person is already in the criminal's sights:

    • “Do you have any tips for travel destinations?” If you have landed in the sights of a hacker, this seemingly unimportant question can already pose a risk: Hackers could use this information and send you an e-mail, which - tailored to your interests - introduces travel destinations. The mail will probably contain links which should lead you to the relevant posts. However, instead of reading into new, fascinating places, you click on an infected link. 

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