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    Move to the cloud with ease with Mimecast's cost-effective migration software and email migration tool, Simply Migrate.

    Move to the cloud with ease with Mimecast migration software

    While more companies are considering cloud-based platforms for storing and archiving email data, legacy migration software solutions can make the task of moving data to the cloud prohibitively costly and complex.

    Data migration with legacy migration software has traditionally been an arduous and time-consuming task. With migration taking weeks (during which time valuable data may be unavailable to end-users) and costing as much as $10,000 per terabyte, organizations may be tempted to maintain the status quo rather than attempt to take advantage of new cloud storage solutions.

    To reduce the cost and complexity of migration, organizations need state-of-the-art migration software that can eliminate the need for time-consuming drive shipping and accelerate the process of extracting and validating data and performing integrity checks. That's why more businesses today are turning to powerful new migration software from Mimecast.

    Move to the cloud with ease with Mimecast migration software

    Mimecast Simply Migrate: migration software for cost-efficient data migration

    Mimecast is a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for email archiving, compliance, security and data protection. The Mimecast Cloud Archive is a SaaS-based solution that dramatically simplifies global email retention management while providing industry-leading search speeds and streamlining compliance activities, such as meeting the requirements of HIPAA messaging compliance.

    To reduce the cost and complexity of moving to Mimecast Cloud Archive, Mimecast offers a highly efficient email migration tool in Mimecast Simply Migrate. With this easy-to-use migration software, organizations can quickly and easily migrate to the cloud and begin taking advantages of all the tools Mimecast offers for records retention, compliance, e-discovery and integrated backup and archiving.

    Mimecast Simply Migrate provides:

    • Intuitive and easy-to-use workflows that enable users to view the status of legacy data migration from different perspectives.
    • Over-the-wire data streaming that enables customers to extract and process data locally and send it securely over the Internet rather than shipping it via disk.
    • Options for streamlining and delivering legacy data in situations where shipping is still required.
    • Same-day configuration and delivery of legacy data.
    • Local, client-side processing to avoid migrating uncompressed data volumes and duplicative or damaged data sets.
    • Zero-down pricing that lets organizations avoid upfront capital costs in favor of the amortization of costs over the term of deployment of Mimecast's migration software.

    For organizations seeking to take advantage of the benefits of Microsoft Office 365, Mimecast also provides an Outlook migration tool that simplifies migration to Office 365 along with security solutions that add additional layers of protection to enhance Office 365 Cyber Threat Intelligence and Exchange Online Protection.

    Mimecast Simply Migrate: migration software for cost-efficient data migration

    Key benefits of Mimecast's migration software

    With Mimecast's migration software, organizations can:

    • Accelerate migration by streaming data over the Internet rather than shipping it, and by utilizing connectors and flexible APIs that simplify workflows and speed migration.
    • Reduce costs by utilizing client-site computer network resources to process, validate and streamline the amount of data to be migrated.
    • Increase visibility with migration software that enables stakeholders such as IT teams, partners and archive owners to monitor the progress of data migration.
    Key benefits of Mimecast's migration software

    FAQs: what is migration software?

    What is migration software?

    Migration software is an application that helps organizations to manage the movement of data from one storage system, format or computer system to another.

    What makes migration software effective?

    Because data migration can be a costly and time-consuming task and because data may be inaccessible during migration, superior migration software should simplify migration management, minimize migration timelines and reduce or compress the amount of data to be migrated in order to accomplish migration more quickly and affordably.

    FAQs: what is migration software?

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