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    Use Mimecast's email migration tool to accelerate, simplify and reduce the cost of migration.

    The need for a better email migration tool

    To successfully move data from legacy archiving solutions to the cloud, organizations need an email migration tool that can help to accelerate, simplify and reduce the cost of migration.

    In the past, organizations have archived data in on-premise storage systems, but as the volume of data continues to expand exponentially, cloud storage solutions have become increasingly attractive, offering cost-effective storage that is easier to manage. For many companies, however, the cost and complexity of migrating legacy data prevents them from moving to these modern cloud-based archiving solutions. In addition, slow and resource-intensive migrations tend to make data available for unacceptably long periods of time.

    To simplify the transfer of data from legacy technologies to cloud-based solutions such as Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving, Mimecast provides a best-of-breed email migration tool in Simply Migrate.

    The need for a better email migration tool

    Simply Migrate: Mimecast's email migration tool

    Mimecast Cloud Archive is an industry-leading solution for enterprise information archiving, enabling organizations to easily aggregate data across multiple platforms while making it easy to search and retrieve information. Cloud Archive provides tamper-resistant chains of custody and efficient supervision to support SEC, FINRA and HIPAA email compliance requirements. And Cloud Archive integrates easily with Mimecast's email security and cyber resilience solutions to protect data with powerful defenses and advanced cyber threat intelligence.

    Mimecast Simply Migrate enables organizations to move data to Cloud Archive quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Mimecast's migration software tracks, validates and transports legacy data from archives like Dell EMC SourceOne, Veritas Enterprise Fault, Microsoft Exchange and Office 365.

    The traditional process of extracting data from legacy archives requires shipping it via mail delivery, a slow and cumbersome process. The Mimecast email migration tool sends data through over-the-wire data streaming with encryption, enabling setup, configuration and delivery of data to be accomplished in one day. A rich portfolio of connectors and deep experience helping organizations transfer data enable this email migration tool to reduce costs, safeguard intellectual property, accelerate e-discovery, preserve institutional memory and achieve compliance.

    Mimecast's email migration tool also provides:

    • Rapid importing of data into a single, secure archive using over-the-wire transfer or encrypted hard drives.
    • Intuitive and easy-to-use workflows that allow administrators to see the progress of migration from multiple perspectives.
    • Alignment with regulatory compliance requirements and flexible retention management.
    • New drive shipping methods for situations where over-the-wire transfer is not workable.
    • Local, client-side compute and network resources, processing and data validation before transfer occurs.

    To reduce the cost of transferring data, Mimecast email migration tool enables a planned amortization of the costs over the duration of the software term, rather than requiring a burdensome upfront capital costs.

    Simply Migrate: Mimecast's email migration tool

    FAQs: what is an email migration tool?

    What is an email migration tool?

    An email migration tool is a technology that enables organizations to move email data from one platform to another. Many organizations today are moving data from on-premise email archives to the cloud in order to take advantage of opportunities for cost saving, simplified management and integrated data stores.

    How do I migrate to Office 365, Outlook or Exchange?

    Moving data from existing email data archives to Office 365 can be timing consuming, costly and risky. Data may be lost and the time required to transfer data can prevent users from accessing it during the migration process. Mimecast simplifies migration to Office 365 with an Exchange/Outlook migration tool that accelerates migration while significant reducing costs. Mimecast's solution also provides 0365/Exchange online protection, safeguarding data by storing multiple, encrypted copies and providing tamper-resistant chains of custody.

    FAQs: what is an email migration tool?

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