Email phishing protection

Email phishing protection requires superior technology.

Phishing Protection

Email phishing protection requires superior technology.

As email threats regularly breach the defenses of global enterprises, more organizations today are seeking superior email phishing protection to protect data, revenue and reputation.

From phishing and spear-phishing attacks to wire transfer phishing and impersonation attacks (also known as "whaling") attackers are continually employing new techniques to trick users into revealing sensitive data, divulging financial information or taking action that leaves the company vulnerable. 1More than 91% of attempted hacking attacks today begins with some kind of phishing email, and even after receiving training about this issue, employees still open 23% of phishing emails.

To combat these threats, organizations need best-of-breed email phishing protection that can identify and stop attacks in real-time, protecting the organization from fines, legal action, business disruption and the damage to reputation and revenues that a major security breach can cause.

1 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report

Phishing Protection

Email phishing protection from Mimecast.

Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection is a cloud-based email service that extends gateway security to provide highly effective phishing prevention.

Mimecast's service includes three components that address the most common techniques used in advanced targeted attacks.

Impersonation Protect provides email phishing protection against malware-less attacks and email, including whaling, CEO fraud and business email compromise. Mimecast scans all inbound emails in real-time to spot anomalies in the domain information, header and body content that may be evidence of social engineering fraud.

URL Protect improves email phishing protection by scanning URLs within all incoming and archived email on every click to shield users from the dangers of malicious links, preventing links from opening until they have been cleared.

Attachment Protect provides email phishing protection against weaponized attachments by preemptively sandboxing attachments for their delivered and checking for malware. Suspicious attachments may be quarantined or converted into a safe format before being sent onto employees.

Phishing Protection

Benefits of Mimecast's email phishing protection.

When choosing Mimecast for email phishing protection, you'll benefit from:

  • Email phishing protection that can be implemented instantly on and off the corporate network, including for mobile devices.
  • Quick service activation offered through Mimecast's cloud platform.
  • Real-time threat analysis based by granular reporting capabilities.

Learn more about email phishing protection with Mimecast, and about Mimecast's solution for Office 365 security compliance and tools to stop ransomware.