Email Migration

    Simplify email migration with Mimecast.

    Simplify email migration with Mimecast

    Whether you’re upgrading your enterprise email server or transitioning to cloud-based email management systems, email migration is a risky endeavor.

    Valuable information may be lost as data moves from one location to another. Protection against advanced threats may be abandoned during the migration, leaving your organization open to security breaches. Email migration often requires email systems to go offline, temporarily disrupting productivity and impacting performance. As a result, your IT team may need to manage email migration during off-hours, prolonging the time required to complete the transition.

    Mimecast enterprise email management solutions solve the email migration challenge with tools to keep email safe during migration, deliver uninterrupted access throughout the process and significantly reduce the time required for a successful migration.




    Worry-free email migration

    Mimecast’s cloud-based email management solutions make email migration simple, safe and fast. Whether you’re managing a Google Apps Postini migration or an Exchange migration to Office 365, Mimecast provides solutions you need to make it easy:

    • Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving provides a highly-scalable and resilient email archive that serves as an email data backup during migration. Encrypted, secure storage in multiple geographically-dispersed data centers with triplicate copies provides built-in redundancy ensuring no data is lost.
    • Mimecast Mailbox Continuity provides uninterrupted access to live and historic email during email migration. Employees get guaranteed access to email from anywhere on any device, unaware of the migration. Users access email through Outlook for Windows, through a native app for Mac users or through a full suite of mobile apps.
    • Mimecast security solutions provide continuous protection against advanced threats, spam, viruses, malware and other attacks before, during and after an email migration.


    Benefits of email migration with Mimecast

    Mimecast provides an end-to-end solution for email migration from legacy on-premises archives to the cloud. With Mimecast you can:

    • Minimize the drain on internal IT resources, making email migration achievable within current workloads.
    • Include older, unused or legacy email formats in your migration with a simple conversion tool.
    • Pre-organize and categorize legacy archive data before migrating to ensure your most valuable data is included.
    • Protect your email migration with security measures and chains of custody enforced at each step to protect data integrity in transit and at rest.

    Learn more about email migration with Mimecast and about Mimecast solutions for a Google Apps Postini replacement.

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