Email encryption services

Simplify security with superior email encryption services.

Simplify security with superior email encryption services.

Email encryption services are essential for any organization sharing sensitive data via email. Many users are required to send encrypted files when sharing customer records or financial data with contacts outside the organization. Email encryption services provide a critical layer of security to protect organizations from malicious or inadvertent loss of valuable information.

Many email encryption services come with burdensome requirements. Whether they demand a knowledge of encryption techniques or require email recipients to download secure email encryption software, these email encryption services frequently make it more difficult to send secure email and consequently aren't always used when they should be, putting the organization and its data at risk.

Mimecast Secure Messaging provides user-friendly, cloud-based email encryption services with no administrative burden or end-user client installation requirements, simplifying encryption for users and email recipients as well as IT administrators.

Email encryption services from Mimecast.

Mimecast Secure Messaging enables users to easily send encrypted messages directly from their mailbox application. With Mimecast's encryption email service, email and attachments never leave the secure Mimecast cloud, making it possible to send protected messages even when TLS encryption is not an option. An encrypted email or encrypted file transfer can be initiated either by a user or by administrator-defined policies at the email encryption gateway, for example, when the subject line or body text of the email contains certain keywords or content.

To use Mimecast's email encryption services, a user simply creates a new email and clicks on the Send Secure option within the Mimecast for Outlook tab. Before sending, users can select a variety of controls including read receipts, expiration dates and restrictions on printing, replying and forwarding. Once the email has been sent, the message and any attachments are securely uploaded to the Mimecast cloud, checked for malware and compliance with data leak prevention policies, and stored in a secure AES encrypted archive. Mimecast's secure web portal, where they can access the email and download attachments.

Benefits of Mimecast's email encryption services.

With Mimecast's email and services, you can:

  • Improve security with easy-to-use email encryption services that require no management of certificates or encryption keys.
  • Support compliance requirements by subjecting messages to data leak prevention, anti-malware and compliance policies.
  • Increase recipient confidence by customizing Mimecast's secure web portal with brand colors, logo and company name.

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