Small Business Cybersecurity

    Challenges & Solutions

    Break the cyberattack chain

    From limited resources to budget constraints and the skills gap, SMBs must constantly balance security concerns with supporting a broad range of organizational requirements.

    Mimecast’s small business cybersecurity plans provide affordable, easy to deploy, and easy to manage security, archiving, and resilience, enabling SMBs to achieve enterprise-level security – without the excessive cost and complexity. We can help with challenges like:

    Closing gaps in Microsoft 365

    Email is the most exploited business application, and Microsoft is the most targeted platform, facing threats such as ransomware, CEO impersonation, and credential theft attacks. A layered security approach is critical to protecting your business, suppliers, and customers.


    Due to the volume of data from email and collaboration tools, e-discovery is costly and meeting compliance regulations is complicated. As a result, IT professionals are forced to spend too much time responding to compliance needs instead of focusing on critical tasks.

    Improving resilience and recovery

    Whether you’re dealing with a cyberattack or Microsoft downtime, your organization can’t afford to be offline. You need to keep email flowing, data protected, and backups secured for recoverability no matter what.

    Mimecast Plans

    Mimecast Plans for Small Business with fewer than 100 employees

    Mimecast Core

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    Less than


    USD a month for up to 49 users*
    • Secure Email Gateway
    • Targeted Threat Protection
    • Internal Email Protect
    • Awareness Training

    Key Benefits:

    • Safeguard your organization against the #1 attack channel
    • Prevent financial and loss of sensitive or proprietary information
    • Prevent the lateral and external spread of threats
    • Improve employee security awareness

    49 and 99 user agreements available

    Mimecast Hero

    Most Popular
    Less than


    USD a month for up to 49 users*
    • Continuity
    • Sync & Recover
    • Web Security
    • Large File Send & Secure Messaging

    Key Benefits:

    • Cyber resilience and protection across multiple channels
    • Integrated protection for web and email
    • Maintain productivity during cyber disruption
    • Quickly restore mailboxes
    • Shield sensitive information sent to external recipients

    49 and 99 user agreements available

    Mimecast Mega

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    Less than


    USD a month for up to 49 users*
    • 99 Year Archive
    • E-Discovery
    • Early Case Assessment
    • Extended Retention
    • Integrated Security and Archive

    Key Benefits:

    • Reduce complexity and administrator time
    • Respond quickly to litigation and compliance information requests
    • Slash third-party costs with in-house identification, preservation, collection, and review
    • Preserve the data you need with item level and mailbox legal hold
    • Rapid end user search
    • Extend security protection to archiving to protect against latent threats

    49 and 99 user agreements available

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