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    Episode #5, Season 2 of Phishy Business: Teenagers and cybercrime- the draw of malice and money?

    In this episode, we speak to Floor Jansen, Team Leader of the offender prevention squad of the Dutch police, and British offender prevention expert Gregory Francis about young cybercrime offenders.

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    We discuss their sometimes surprising motivations, what can be done to stop them from committing these acts, and why society as a whole needs to own the problem.

    In this episode, ‘Teenagers and cybercrime- the draw of malice and money?’ we discuss:

    • Just how much damage can a 14 year old with a grudge can cause a multinational company
    • The motivations of young cybercrime offenders aren’t always to cause harm
    • There really isn’t much difference between the crime prevention officers and the young offenders – they both have a passion for IT, one group just took a positive turn in their lives
    • Gaming can be a gateway into committing cybercrimes, as teenagers look to modify and cheat
    • Prevention is key, and if caught early, the re-offending rate drops
    • More often than not, the young offenders did not understand the implications of the crimes they were committing
    • Parents  and teachers are usually never in the loop and see these acts as mischief without realising the child could go to prison.


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