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    Episode #3, Season 1 of Phishy Business: Delving into the Murky World of Cybercrime

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    How Modern Cybercrime Works – And Pays

    Why do people become cybercriminals? Is it the need for money, a disassociation from their victims – or just a fascination with gaming?

    For investigative journalist Geoff White, you need to understand both the villain and the victim to get to the heart of cybercrime. There’s no doubt that cybercrime nowadays is frequently headline news, but author and investigative journalist Geoff White has been covering hacking since it was a niche topic.

    Geoff believes the dynamics behind cybercrime are fascinating – and attitudes towards victims must change if we’re to combat it collectively.

    In the third episode of Phishy Business, we discuss:

    • What makes a cybercriminal, from lone basement hackers to nation states
    • How you investigate a hacker – and the ethical dilemmas for journalists
    • The issue of victim shaming and blaming, on a personal and a corporate level
    • What action we can take against the rising tide of cybercrime

    In Geoff’s view, people tend to think about cybercrime like they’d think about Godzilla: a terrifying monster that occasionally rears its head from the depths, causing fear, panic and uncertainty.

    He wants to shed light on where cybercrime comes from and what might be next, so that we can protect ourselves together. You can find out how in the full episode.

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