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    Mimecast makes M&A email integration easy for Four Communications


    • Email Security Targeted Threat Protection (URL Protect, Attachment Protect, Impersonation Protect)
    • Email Archiving
    • Archive Power Tools
    • Email Continuity
    • Customizable Branding


    • Four already relies heavily on Mimecast for all facets of email management, including security and storage. One future area Fraser is exploring is how to leverage Mimecast’s Stationery feature to ease setup and use of email signatures and branding for new employees



    Four Communications has been acquiring companies at the rapid pace of 1-3 a year since 2011, and has added hundreds of new employees as a result. All that activity naturally brings IT complications, including how to quickly move new employees from their legacy email infrastructure to Four’s without losing any data – no matter what platform employees are transitioning from (Microsoft® Exchange 2003/2007/2010, Office 365®, Google®, etc.). Email is typically the primary mode of communications for a PR firm, so keeping it up and running is absolutely crucial.



    While at other companies this process can take several months or more, Jake Fraser, IT and Operations Director at Four, says that Mimecast’s email security and archiving services enable his team to completely move new employees over to Four’s email infrastructure within a few weeks, no matter what email platform they are coming from. “Mimecast makes it very simple,” says Fraser. “We have developed a checklist which includes moving over existing domains, setting up delivery routing, changing MX records and address alterations. Before final cutover, new employees already have access to their new inboxes, plus all their historical email is archived and organised in the same folder structure they had before, so everything is familiar. When it comes time for cutover, there is no pain at all and critically, no chance of data loss.”


    In Summary

    Fraser says that Mimecast helps make what could be a stressful time for new employees faster and easier, helping them acclimate more quickly.

    "The process ensures that no email is lost during the transition, and thanks to Mimecast delivery routing, Four is able to accept and deliver email from legacy domains in perpetuity without requiring those domains to be exposed or managed in Exchange, keeping infrastructure configuration clean and organised.”


    I can’t imagine doing my job without Mimecast. It’s so powerful and so useful and has been rock solid for us. At this point, I wouldn’t work in an IT department that didn’t have Mimecast.

    — Jake Fraser, IT and Operations Director

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