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    Detect and Take Action on Threats

    Mimecast Threat Intelligence gives you information specific to your environment – how you’ve been targeted, what cyber threats have been blocked and why.

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    Better Understand the Threats your Organization Faces

    Mimecast’s Threat Intelligence Dashboard displays cyber threat data specific to your organization.

    • Identify end-users who post the greatest cyber risk
    • View recently observed indicators of exploitation
    • See detailed information about detected malware including origins by region
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    Take Action and Remediate Threats

    With Mimecast Threat Remediation, you can help prevent the spread of malware.

    • Immediately perform remediation and restoration actions
    • Prevent end-users from accessing dangerous content
    • Search for suspicious files and messages so they can be investigated and remediated
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    Complement Your Threat Intelligence Feed

    Easily integrate Mimecast with the third-party tool of your choice to synthesize data about emerging threats.

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    Threat Intelligence Dashboard

    Even the most sophisticated security teams can have trouble extracting meaning from indicators of compromise. The Mimecast Threat Intelligence Dashboard presents information that is in context, easily consumable, instructive and actionable. Your team can view overall trends specific to the cyber attacks on the organization and dig more deeply into items that warrant closer scrutiny.

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    Threat Feed

    Using our connectors and APIs, organizations capitalize on threat intelligence to build stronger overall security systems. Easily integrate Mimecast Threat Feed, an API, with the third-party tool of your choice to get information to minimize attacks and keep your organization safe. Incorporate threat intelligence into your SIEM, SOAR and more.

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    Threat Intelligence Report RSA Edition 2020

    The Mimecast Threat Center is back with the latest Threat Intelligence Report, which explores the major attacks that hit the globe from October to December 2019. The report analyzed more than 202 billion emails, and rejected 92 billion.

    <p>Threat Intelligence Report RSA Edition 2020</p>

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