Office 365, Exchange & Google

Make Office 365, Exchange and G Suite safer for business

Email is an organization's most important communication platform and the most susceptible to attack from outsiders, data loss and downtime. Mimecast knows mail technologies inside and out and has the right product bundle for on-prem, cloud or hybrid environments.

Office 365

With over 85M corporate users, Exchange Online and Office 365 are quickly becoming the corporate cloud standard for email. Add an additional layer of security over EOP to stop ransomware, impersonation, spear-phishing and other advanced threats. Create an independent, verifiable archive of critical corporate data. Overcome the risk of a single point of failure with continuity in the case of an outage. Mimecast product bundles are the perfect cloud compliment.

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Microsoft Exchange

On-premises email and hybrid environments can be complex to manage and costly to keep running 100% of the time. Mimecast S1 protects the organization against advanced attacks on all devices, from anywhere. Mimecast A1 unlocks corporate data with transparent pricing on archived data that is searchable with an industry-leading 7 second SLA. Use Mimecast C1 to keep mail flowing from the cloud even during a server outage without costly hardware and software.

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G Suite

Competitively priced alternatives to Microsoft are compelling but require additional management capabilities. Add Mimecast S1 to protect your company from advanced threats. Mimecast A1 makes legacy and current email archives available. Overcome single vendor risk and prevent downtime with Mimecast C1.
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Solution Brief

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Email Security - Solution Overview

Email Security - Solution Overview

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Enterprise Information Archiving - Solution Overview