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    Internal Email Protect


    Comprehensive remediation and protection of internal emails and attachments

    Stop attacks from spreading rapidly and silently between employees and to customers or partners with best-practice protections for internal and outbound email and rapid remediation of internal threats. Mimecast’s Internal Email Protect technology lets you detect email-borne security threats that originate from within your email system and automatically or manually remove malicious content from end-users’ mailboxes post-delivery.

    The challenges of internal email protection

    It’s a common misconception that email-borne attacks come only from the outside. While most attacks do start from the outside, attackers will typically look to land and expand once they are inside an organization. One way to gain this foothold is to use a compromised account or remote access malware to send an internal email as an internal user to spread the attack laterally to others in your organization or even outbound to external contacts.

    In most cases, without their knowledge or understanding, your employees play an integral role in these attacks by sending an attacker’s emails to others in the organization.


    The Mimecast Solution

    To combat internal email threats, you need to inspect internally generated emails for malicious links, attachments, or for sensitive content, and prevent the spread of attacks or data leaks.

    Organizations also need continuous protection from files delivered through emails that are later determined to be malicious.  Mimecast's Internal Email Protection service - Internal Email Protect enables you to monitor, detect and remediate threats that have landed internally, or that originate from your email system, whether the emails are destined to other internal users or to external recipients. Key capabilities include:


    Scanning of attachments and URLs for malware and malicious links, as well as content inspection enabled by Data Leak Prevention.


    Detection of lateral movement of attacks via email from one internal user to another.


    Automated remediation of infected or sensitive emails and attachments from employees’ inboxes.


    Manually triggered removal of emails and attachments, and when using the Mimecast Security Agent, saved attachments.


    Identification and blocking of threats or sensitive data attempting to leave an organization.


    Continuous monitoring and re-checking of the status of all previously delivered files with automated alerting and removal.


    Use Threat Feed, Mimecast’s Threat Intelligence and remediation API, to remove emails and attachments from mailboxes and the Mimecast Archive using your chosen SIEM, SOAR or TIP.


    A single administration console for easy reporting, configuration and management.

    How It Works

    Protecting organizations from insider email threats

    Mimecast's Internal Email Protection service – Internal Email Protect provides advanced threat monitoring and remediation services for internally generated email – delivered as a 100% cloud-based security solution.


    See Mimecast Internal Email Protect in action

    This video highlights how employees can introduce internal threats into an organization's network and how Mimecast Internal Email Protect can help protect an organization by providing threat protection, visibility and remediation for internal and outbound emails.
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