Data Retention & Compliance

    Protect your email and collaboration data with a robust, secure archive

    Simplify compliance and ensure data is never lost

    For organizations across all industries, the data challenge has never been greater. Companies are deluged with unstructured data — from emails and their attachments to instant messages exchanged over platforms like Microsoft Teams. All this data must be made secure, discoverable, and compliant. The consequences of not doing so are more severe than ever.

    Mimecast Cloud Archive helps you bring the data problem down to size by simplifying compliance, dramatically reducing the time and cost of e-discovery searches and ensuring data is never lost. A 7x Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader that’s fully integrated with Mimecast Email Security, it meets the needs of a wide variety of stakeholders, from legal and compliance to IT, HR, and end users. The result? Risk is reduced, productivity is increased, and your data becomes what it should be — an asset, not a liability.



    Empower your IT, Legal, Compliance, and HR teams with intuitive self-service search, review, and export tools


    Keep data

    Protect your information against accidental and malicious data loss with a one-of-a-kind, multi-purpose archive, designed to protect you where you work


    Transition painlessly

    Quickly migrate away from legacy archives with minimal time and resources to Mimecast’s world-class data governance solution

    Our Solution

    Unlock the power of your data with a multi-purpose cloud archive

    Data management, ever-evolving legal and compliance challenges, and the demand for instant access to information. At Mimecast, we understand the headaches you face. We've developed a modern approach to archiving your business-critical data. Mimecast Cloud Archive unlocks the power of your information while reducing cost, complexity, and risk.


    Industry leading technology
    Accelerate the e-discovery process with efficient, intuitive tools for search, review, litigation hold, and data export with a 7X Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for Enterprise Information Archiving.


    Modern compliance & supervision
    Minimize the burden of complying with FINRA, GDPR, internal audits, compliance review, and legal challenges with advanced supervision capabilities.


    Designed to grow with you
    Adapt to the ever-changing world of regulatory requirements and internal policies with bottomless, immutable storage and flexible retention policies.


    Resilient data
    Reduce administrative overhead with streamlined management and simplified data recovery. Anytime, anywhere access to archive data improves employee productivity and workflow efficiency.

    How It Works

    Mimecast Cloud Archive, explained.


    Accelerate e-discovery

    Eliminate the need for expensive, third-party solutions and bring control of your data in-house.

    • Collect, discover, preserve, and review all types of data
    • Defensibly perform early case assessments
    • Empower legal with self-service, intuitive tools
    • Apply flexible retention policies
    • Decrease the need for third-party litigation management

    Simplify compliance with evolving regulations

    Modernize your approach to meeting compliance requirements with a solution that safeguards your data, your people, and your brand.

    • Comply with SEC, FINRA, and other regulatory requirements
    • Simplify surveillance with easy to use review, escalation, and reporting tools
    • Achieve audit readiness
    • Gain insights with detailed dashboards and reporting
    • ISO 22301, 27001, 27701 certified
    • HIPAA compliant

    Ensure email data is never lost

    Defend against email data loss with complete back-up and protection from malicious attacks, including ransomware, human error or technical failure.

    • Recover email files, folders, contacts, tasks, and notes from outages and data loss
    • Give end users a transparent experience
    • Granularly recover via folder or date range
    • Create point-in-time snapshots for export or recovery
    • No hardware required

    Capture and preserve Microsoft Teams data

    Keep pace with expanding communications channels with archiving capabilities for the world’s most popular collaboration tool — Microsoft Teams.

    • Comply with SEC, FINRA, and other regulatory requirements
    • Capture, identify, preserve, and review relevant content
    • Increase visibility and reduce risk
    • Retain reliable, secure, encrypted copies of your data for protection against threats and risks.
    Product Enhancements

    Unlock the power of your information with a multi-purpose cloud archive

    Learn more about the features Mimecast offers to protect critical enterprise information.

    Compliance & supervision

    Reduce the risk and complexity of navigating dynamic corporate and regulatory requirements, while controlling audit readiness.


    Archive for Microsoft Teams

    Decrease risk for the way your employees work today with security and compliance controls for Microsoft Teams.


    Data synchronization & recovery

    Ensure email data is never lost and rapidly restore inboxes to a point in time with archiving and data resilience capabilities that are managed from a single, easily searched Administration Console.


    Data migration

    Reduce the time, cost, and complexity of shifting away from outdated archive systems by dramatically streamlining and accelerating the transfer of legacy data to Mimecast Cloud Archive.


    Partner with the best

    Why settle for an information management solution that just provides the bare minimum? Our customers and industry analysts agree that Mimecast is best in class. 

    • 7X Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader
    • Customers’ Choice in 2022 Gartner Peer Insights
    • Dramatically accelerated e-discovery
    • Immutable, unlimited storage
    • Up to 99 year flexible retention
    • Fastest search with 7 second SLA
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