Protect Your Data

    Sync & Recover


    Don’t lose critical or sensitive organizational data

    Mimecast Sync & Recover protects you against data loss caused by corruption and deletion, whether accidental or intentional.


    The challenges of email backup and recovery

    Too often, organizations are unaware of their email data recovery gaps and assume they are covered for all types of data loss or corruption. At the same time, cloud email platforms and legacy backup solutions are falling short.

    Mimecast offers better end-user email data recovery, complete point-in-time recovery, and protection from attacks and accidental deletion.


    The Mimecast Solution

    Delivered from a single, unified platform and administration console, integrated archiving and email recovery means less risk and stronger resilience.


    Unify management of compliance archiving and data resiliency.


    Streamline configuration of recovery and search.


    Provide a multi-layered defense against Exchange data loss or damage due to ransomware, human error, and technical failure.


    Enable cloud-to-cloud backup; no hardware or software to manage.

    How It Works

    Mimecast Sync & Recover, explained.

    Sync & Recover delivers extensive data protection and backup of Microsoft 365 data by allowing recovery of full point-in-time snapshots of users' environments. Sync & Recover can be an integral part of organizations' data resilience and ransomware recovery.


    See Mimecast Sync & Recover in action

    Protect data from loss, accidental deletion, or corruption by leveraging your Mimecast Cloud Archive.
    More Features

    Unlock the power of your information with a multi-purpose cloud archive

    Learn more about the features Mimecast offers to protect critical enterprise information.

    Compliance & Supervision

    In today’s regulatory climate, it’s safe to say that existing regulations will evolve, new ones will emerge, and few will go away. A modern approach to meeting compliance requirements safeguards your data, your people, and your brand. Mimecast Cloud Archive helps you meet today’s regulatory, legal, and corporate requirements quickly and accurately.


    E-Discovery & Early Case Assessment

    Mimecast E-Discovery & Early Case Assessment leverage the power of Mimecast Cloud Archive to collect, preserve, discover, and review all types of Electronically Stored Information, empowering IT and legal stakeholders and reducing the need to rely on expensive, third-party solutions.


    Mimecast Simply Migrate

    Mimecast Simply Migrate reduces the time, cost, and complexity of shifting away from outdated archive systems by dramatically streamlining and accelerating the transfer of legacy data to Mimecast Cloud Archive. Mimecast manages archives in specific geographic regions to ensure that they are tamper-resistant and delivers simplified compliance, accelerated e-discovery, and flexible retention management.


    Archive for Microsoft Teams

    Mimecast Archive for Microsoft Teams is a single, fully integrated solution that enables organizations to protect, discover, investigate, and recover data from internal and external threats that target cloud messaging and collaboration platforms.

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