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    email security

    Close gaps in Microsoft 365 protection with Mimecast

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    Best-in-class email security for
    Microsoft 365

    Relying on M365 protection alone may leave your email vulnerable to attack.
    Get the best-in-class email security today’s threat landscape demands, delivered
    in the simplest way possible, with Mimecast.



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    Close gaps in M365 security

    Proven to catch threats Microsoft misses


    Simplify email security administration

    Out-of-the-box settings, single console, intuitive threat dashboard


    Block the most sophisticated attacks

    Fully integrated, AI-powered detection

    Keep email secure with Mimecast –
    your must-have security layer for M365

    Mass adoption of M365 has made it an irresistible target for cyber
    criminals. Every day, organizations are exposed to unnecessary risk
    from attacks that could have been blocked. See for yourself what Microsoft
    is allowing into your environment – sign up for a free trial today.

    The following statistics are based on Mimecast’s reinspection of emails
    that have passed M365 security controls: 

    210 per year
    The number of malware or phishing emails an employee receives.
    Every 7 hours
    An employee will receive a phishing, malware, or untrustworthy email.
    2.92% of email
    Represent significant risk to your organization's security.
    0.70% of email
    Missed by Microsoft contains malware or phishing attacks.

    Data collected by Mimecast Cloud Integrated From Jan 1, 2023 to April 30, 2023 in the US and UK.
    Data based on an average office worker receiving 120 email per day and working 250 days part year, The Guardian.


    Mimecast + Microsoft 365 =
    Unparalleled Protection

    With 20 years of experience and 40,000 customers globally,
    Mimecast is the must-have security layer for Microsoft 365. We block the most
    dangerous email threats – from phishing and ransomware to account takeovers and
    zero day attacks.


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    Block the most sophisticated email attacks

  • AI-Powered threat detection
  • Advanced computer vision and credential theft protection
  • On-click rewriting of all URLs
  • Static file analysis and full sand-box emulation
  • Empower end-users with AI-powered warning banners

  • Applied only when anomalies are detected
  • Updated in real-time across devices
  • Expert analysis of reported emails
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    Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft 365

  • Rapid deployment
  • Fast, easy integration with Azure Sentinel
  • Unified administration console
  • As the number one attack vector, email deserves more

    M365 is a great productivity tool; but when it comes to email security, “good enough” doesn’t cut it. Download this eBook to see just how much Microsoft is missing and what your employees may be exposed to. 


    Protect Communications
    and People Together

    Security starts and ends with people. Combine the power of Mimecast Email Security with
    our fully integrated, award-winning Awareness Training solution to dramatically reduce the
    risk of simple employee mistakes that can have devastating consequences.


    Integrated security awareness training

    A fully integrated Awareness Training platform with award-winning content, real-life phish testing, and risk scoring.


    Trusted By 40,000+ Organizations

    Mimecast is proud to support tens of thousands of organizations globally, including over
    20,000 who rely on us to secure Microsoft 365.


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