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    Best-in-class email security for
    Microsoft 365

    Harden Microsoft 365 protections with Mimecast's comprehensive email security
    and resilience solutions. AI-powered detection blocks all email-based threats,
    while easy-to-deploy, easy-to-manage complementary solutions reduce risk, cost, and




    Enhance Microsoft 365 security

    With fully integrated, AI-powered threat detection


    Keep email communications flowing

    Even when Microsoft can’t be there


    Make Microsoft 365 Email + Teams data secure, compliant & recoverable

    With intelligent, independent cloud archiving

    Microsoft 365 and Mimecast:
    Stronger Together

    Mass adoption of M365 has increased attackers' focus on this popular
    productivity platform. The best way to fight back? By partnering with
    Mimecast, the must-have email security and resilience companion for
    Microsoft 365.

    Credentials based attacks

    61% of attacks caught by Mimecast's AI-powered credential protection layer were advanced phishing attacks targeting Microsoft 365 credentials. Microsoft 365 credentials are the no. 1 target for hackers.

    Microsoft 365 credentials are the no.1 target for hackers.

    Dangerous emails marked safe by E5 Security

    In 2022, 11% of emails were delivered as safe by Microsoft E5 but found to be dangerous or time-wasting upon reinspection by Mimecast.

    Microsoft 365 E5 security is routinely evaded by bad actors. Email needs more.

    Malware Increase

    Mimecast rejected 300% more malware in emails originating from legitimate Microsoft 365 domains and IPs in 2021. 

    Every year, more attackers are using legitimate Microsoft accounts to bypass native Microsoft 365 security.

    Source - Mimecast's Global Threat Intelligence and Email Security Risk Assessment reports (2020 - 2021).


    Mimecast + Microsoft 365 =
    Unparalleled Protection

    With 20 years of experience and 40,000 customers globally,
    Mimecast is the must-have security layer for Microsoft 365. We block the most
    dangerous email threats – from phishing and ransomware to account takeovers and
    zero day attacks.



    Block the most sophisticated email attacks

  • AI-Powered threat detection
  • Advanced computer vision and credential theft protection
  • On-click rewriting of all URLs
  • Static file analysis and full sand-box emulation
  • Empower end-users with AI-powered warning banners

  • Applied only when anomalies are detected
  • Updated in real-time across devices
  • Expert analysis of reported emails
  • M365-product-3.webp

    Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft 365

  • Rapid deployment
  • Fast, easy integration with Azure Sentinel
  • Simple to create custom queries and analytics
  • Unified administration console
  • Keep email flowing, simplify compliance, and build a security-minded culture

  • Easy-to-manage, fail-safe Continuity
  • Industry-leading Archiving – 7x Gartner Magic Quadrant leader
  • Integrated Awareness Training
  • M365-product-4.webp

    As the number one attack vector, email deserves more

    More than 90% of attacks involve email; and often, they are engineered to succeed in today’s Microsoft dependent world. Mimecast is the must-have security companion for augmenting Microsoft 365.

    Microsoft 365 Risks Added protection with Mimecast’s Email Security & Cyber Resilience layer
    Supply Chain Attack
    • Proactive webpage impersonation intelligence
    • Policies protecting brand and supply chain
    • DMARC enforcement & domain monitoring
    Advanced Business Email Compromise
    • AI-behavioral analysis & anomalous detection
    • Extensive policy granularity & dynamic actions based on threat
    • Advanced similarity detection & third-party protection
    Phishing URLs & Credential Harvesting
    • Multi-layered, deep inspection on every click
    • Computer vision & phish kit detection for credential theft
    • Inline user awareness & behavioral tracking
    • Browser Isolation protects all browsers & devices agnostically
    Malicious Attachments
    • Real-time intelligence, enriched by API alliances
    • AI-based static file analysis & full emulation sandboxing
    • Award winning user awareness training and threat simulation
    Lateral Movement
    • Auto-remediation for all newly categorized malware hashes
    • Simple administration with a single unified dashboard
    • Advanced scanning for all internal and outbound traffic
    Cloud Threats
    • Enhanced native security with Mimecast intelligence through Sentinel + Microsoft 365 integrations
    • 70+ prebuilt integrations across leading security technologies
    Downtime During Attack & Mailbox Protection
    • Independent, secure MTA backed by 100% email uptime SLA
    • Recovery for intentional or accidental deletion
    • Secure communication while everything else is unavailable
    • Independent post compromise mitigation for email
    Non-Compliant Email & Teams Data
    • Independent, compliant and rapid search capabilities
    • Simple retention management, bottomless storage and advanced e-discovery
    • Enterprise Information Archiving Gartner MQ 7x leader


    Nobody’s perfect

    Microsoft 365 delivers many benefits, but Microsoft can’t effectively address some of
    your critical cybersecurity needs. That’s why Mimecast offers a range of fully integrated
    solutions that are designed to complement Microsoft 365, reduce complexity and cost, and
    decrease overall risk.

    Uninterrupted business continuity

    Keep email flowing during planned and unplanned outages with a mailbox continuity solution that provides guaranteed access to live and historic email and attachments from Outlook and Windows, the web, and mobile applications - from anywhere on any device.

    Independent cloud archive

    Keep corporate information streamlined, protected, and accessible and dramatically simplify compliance with a secure and independent information archiving solution for Microsoft Outlook Email and Teams.

    Unified sync and recover

    Eliminate the risk of Exchange data loss or damage due to ransomware, human error, and technical failure with a unified sync and recover solution delivered via a single, unified console.

    Integrated security awareness training

    Reduce the risk of human error and make employees part of your security fabric with a fully integrated Awareness Training platform that offers award-winning content, real-life phish testing, and employee and organizational risk scoring.

    Advanced threat intelligence

    Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft 365, Azure Sentinel, and leading security tools with prebuilt integrations that make using threat intelligence from the top attack vector to accelerate detection and response fast and easy.

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    Trusted By 40,000+ Organizations

    Mimecast is proud to support tens of thousands of organizations globally, including over
    20,000 who rely on us to secure Microsoft 365.


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