Spear phishing email

Spear phishing email attacks are on the rise.

Spear phishing email attacks are on the rise.

A spear phishing email is a hacking threat where the sender poses as someone familiar in order to get the recipient to divulge sensitive or private information. A spear phishing email often uses social-engineering techniques to make the recipient believe the sender is a colleague or acquaintance, and then trades on that trust to ask for information like passwords, login credentials or even financial information.

In the latest version of spear phishing email attacks known as “whaling”, the sender assumes the identity of a high-level executive like the CEO or CFO of the company and instructs another employee to wire money to an account that is later determined to be fraudulent.

Despite significant training about the dangers of a phishing attack, 23% of phishing emails are still opened by employees1. These attacks lead to headline-producing breaches every year, causing millions of dollars in losses for companies around the world.

1”Verizon 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report”. Verizon Enterprise Solutions, April 2015

Preventing a spear phishing email attack with Mimecast.

Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection offers line of defense against advanced threats like a spear phishing email. With Targeted Threat Protection, Mimecast improves spear security by extending traditional gateway security to defend against malicious links, weaponized attachments and social-engineering attacks that are the hallmarks of a spear phishing email.

With Mimecast, organizations can:

  • Protect employees and the organization from increasingly sophisticated spear phishing email scams.
  • Implement easy-to-manage protection against phishing email scams with no capital expenditure.
  • Deliver instant protection for devices on and off the corporate network with no disruption to users.
  • Increase insight into threats with granular reporting and end-to-end, real-time threat analysis.

How Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection stops spear phishing email threats.

Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection prevents spear phishing email attacks by identifying and blocking the tactics used by phishing hackers. The components of Mimecast’s solution include:

  • Impersonation Protect, which analyzes the headers, domain names and message content of incoming emails to identify potential fraud and social-engineering techniques.
  • URL Protect, which scans links in all incoming and archived email on every click and opens a website only after it has been deemed safe.
  • Attachment Protect, which automatically sandboxes attachments and scans them for threats before allowing employees to open them.

Together, these defenses provide highly effective protection against the continually evolving threat of spear phishing email attacks.

Learn more about combating spear phishing email attacks with Mimecast, and about Mimecast’s encrypted email service and spam detection tool.