DMARC Compliance

    DMARC email security prevents unauthorized users from sending email using an organization's domain. Mimecast helps ensure DMARC compliance. 

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    Protect your email data with DMARC compliance and other measures.

    While complying with the Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) protocol can help to mitigate certain kinds of cyber threats, DMARC compliance alone is not enough to protect your organization from a broad range of email-borne threats.

    What is DMARC? DMARC is a protocol for authenticating that an email sent from an organization's domain is a legitimate message and not fraudulent. The illegitimate use of an organization's domain is a common technique in impersonation attacks, where cyber criminals pose as a trusted source inside an organization and to trick recipients of the email into divulging sensitive information or transferring money to fraudulent accounts. DMARC compliance enables a sender to specify that their messages are protected by DKIM and/or SPF, and lets receivers know what to do if an email isn't in DMARC compliance. Ultimately, DMARC email security prevents anyone except for authorized senders to send an email using an organization's domain.

    While DMARC compliance is highly effective at stopping an impersonation attack based on illegitimate use of an actual domain, it does nothing to address email spoofing that uses look-alike domains, display name spoofing, newly registered domains or reply-to mismatches. That's why, when seeking solutions that can help to prevent an email data breach, more organizations today look for multilayered defenses against email fraud.

    <p>Protect your email data with DMARC compliance and other measures.</p>

    Achieving DMARC compliance – and more – with Mimecast.

    To provide organizations with a wider set of tools for email security and information protection, Mimecast offers an all-in-one subscription service for email security, archiving and continuity. Mimecast's SaaS-based offering provides a multilayered approach to email security and a suite of solutions that help reduce the cost and complexity of managing business email.

    Mimecast helps to ensure DMARC compliance through the Mimecast Secure Email Gateway. Combining threat intelligence and sophisticated protection engines, Secure Email Gateway performs DNS authentication to check on SPF, DKIM and DMARC compliance. Working with DMARC Analyzer, a Mimecast partner, Secure Email Gateway provides visibility that helps to detect and block unauthorized use of an organization's domains to prevent spoofing and impersonation attacks.

    <p>Achieving DMARC compliance &ndash; and more &ndash; with Mimecast.</p>

    More than DMARC compliance – additional solutions to combat email attacks.

    In addition to helping organizations with DMARC compliance, Mimecast provides comprehensive defenses against other kinds of advanced threats with tools to protect against malicious URLs, weaponized attachments, social engineering and threats from malicious insiders. Additionally, Mimecast provides secure messaging services that enable employees to securely send sensitive information and large files up to 2 GB from their email inbox. Mimecast also offers tools for content control and data loss prevention that can help to identify and block potential leaks, both inadvertent and malicious.

    Learn more about DMARC compliance with Mimecast.

    <p>More than DMARC compliance &ndash; additional solutions to combat email attacks.</p>

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