Data Loss Prevention Software

    Stop data loss with Data Loss Prevention software and tools from Mimecast.

    What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software? 

    Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software is a solution that organizations can use in their security practices to help safeguard sensitive data and adhere to compliance regulations.

    Using a predefined policy pack that meets regulatory standards, DLP classifies sensitive data and monitors endpoint activities and networks to detect and prevent data breaches. This helps to ensure data is not lost, stolen, or compromised by internal or external threats.




    Protect your organization with Data Loss Prevention software 

    Data loss prevention software can protect your most valuable information from being leaked accidentally or for malicious purposes. From private financial information and customer data to future business plans and intellectual property, much of your business-critical data exists in digital form and can be easily leaked via email. A superior data loss prevention software solution can protect your information by stopping email leaks before they happen, helping you to avoid the cost of fines and legal fees, and the even greater costs of loss of customers and business opportunities.

    Selecting the right data loss prevention (DLP) solution for your organization is critical. Your data leakage prevention software must be easily managed, to avoid adding yet more administrative burden to your IT team. It must be comprehensive enough to provide DLP protection across the entire organization, while not affecting the productivity of users. And it helps immensely if your data loss prevention software can be implemented quickly and easily, without significant capital cost.

    That's where Mimecast can help.


    Data Loss Prevention software from Mimecast 

    Mimecast's cloud-based services for email security, archiving and continuity include powerful data loss prevention tools, available via a subscription service. Mimecast's data loss prevention software lets administrators create policies for email content that can enforce secure communications and stop leaks in outbound traffic in real time.

    With Mimecast data loss prevention software, you can:

    • Protect business-critical data from being inadvertently or maliciously leaked.
    • Comply more easily with regulations such as PCI-DSS, GLBA and HIPAA by setting granular content and DLP policies.
    • Rollout DLP solutions quickly, thanks to Mimecast's SaaS-based services that require no on-premise hardware or software.
    • Centralize and simplify administration of DLP policies to reduce the burden of managing data loss prevention software.


    4 Best features of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tools

    The type of DLP tools an organization uses will vary between industries, but four features every DLP should have are:

    1.  Advanced analytics that can anticipate vulnerabilities and provide insights on user behavior, data usage, and security risks.

    2.  Data classification that automatically scans data stacks and labels them by the degree of risk.

    3.  Cloud support that can monitor activities for users working in hybrid and remote environments.

    4.  Multi-device endpoint integration to provide protection on various devices used in daily business operations – laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.


    How Mimecast's Data Leakage Prevention tools simplify security

    Mimecast's data leakage prevention tools allow administrators to define and manage DLP policies from a single web-based console. Because any aspect of an email may pose a risk, Mimecast examines the subject line, headers, body text, HTML and attachments for all inbound and outbound email, searching for anything that may violate DLP policy. Mimecast data leakage prevention tools can also remove hidden metadata from Microsoft Word documents to reduce the risk of unintentional leaks. In addition to tools for data leakage protection, Mimecast email security services include protection from advanced targeted threats, cloud based email filtering for malware and spam, and tools for sending email and large files securely.

    Learn more about data leakage prevention tools from Mimecast, and about how to send a large file or implement secure email for small business with Mimecast.


    Data Loss Prevention software FAQs

    Why is Data Loss Prevention essential for organizations?

    Data loss prevention helps organizations protect their devices and networks against malicious actors that wish to expose or compromise sensitive data.

    DLP significantly reduces the risk of data loss that can be catastrophic to an organization's operations and reputation.

    Why adopt a Data Loss Prevention solution?

    A robust DLP solution can help organizations fill gaps they may not know exist in their security protocols.

    Since a DLP solution runs automatically on devices, it can effectively monitor and safeguard information without the need for manual intervention, saving organizations money and IT resources.

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