Integrated Cloud Email Security

    Protect your M365 investment with an AWS powered AI email security solution.



    Protect your Microsoft 365 investment.
    Block email-based cyber threats


    The industry's best protection

    AI-powered, 42,000 customers, 1.7 billion emails inspected daily, 27,000+ customers who use Mimecast alongside M365.


    Instantaneous deployment

    Deployment in minutes, optimized M365 protections out of the box.


    Simplified administration

    Pre-configured settings, one-click remediation, intuitive threat dashboard.

    Mimecast Advanced Email Security CI at a glance


    Social engineering defense

    Leverage industry-leading AI to defend employees from sophisticated social engineering and business email compromise attacks.


    Insider risk protection

    Prevent attacks from spreading internally and to your supply chain.


    Dynamic bannering

    Contextual email banners surfaced based on risk and updated in real-time across devices.


    Browser isolation

    Protect employees by allowing them to safely browse to any website.


    Discover and remediate threats with advanced security from Mimecast

    Start your free 30-day scan today to uncover all the threats that Microsoft misses. Deployed in minutes without an impact to email communications.


    A Mimecast plan that fits your organization’s needs

    Mimecast offers multiple plans designed to meet your organization’s needs and enable you to Work Protected.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    How does Mimecast use artificial intelligence (AI)?

    Mimecast protects customers with multiple detection engines that pairs advanced AI and machine learning with industry-leading technologies tuned and improved over the past 20 years based on trillions of emails and millions of users.​

    What are the essential features which integrated cloud email security solutions should have?

    Your integrated cloud email security solution should defend against email-borne threats using the most advanced detection tools available. The features you should look for are:

    • AI-powered detection that quickly and easily spots sophisticated threats that arrive via email.
    • Instantaneous deployment that leads into effortless administration through pre-configured settings, one-click remediation, and an intuitive threat dashboard
    • Drill down capabilities for more detail and full visibility of email security risk posture
    • Built-in optimized M365 protections
    • An ability to protect from phishing, ransomware, credential theft and zero-day attacks
    • URL Computer Vision and deep scanning of destination URLs
    • Advanced attachment scanning and detection
    • Spam filtering
    • Identity and social graphing for anomaly detection
    • Contextual email banners surfaced based on risk and updated in real-time across devices
    • Fast, easy threat remediation
    • Identification of historic email attacks
    • Real-time visibility of blocked threats

    What are the benefits of integrated cloud email security solutions?

    Integrated cloud email security solutions will make your email platform more secure, increasing your organization’s cyber resilience. With the right solution, you can easily:

    • Spot sophisticated threats that arrive via email.
    • Obtain a more detailed and full view of your email security risk posture
    • Optimize your M365 protections
    • Protect from phishing, ransomware, credential theft and zero-day attacks
    • Deep scan destination URLs
    • Scan attachments
    • Filter spam emails
    • Use identity and social graphing for anomaly detection
    • Remediate threats quickly
    • Identify historic email attacks
    • Obtain a real-time view of blocked threats

    Are there benefits of using integrated cloud email security solutions (ICES) vs. secure email gateway (SEG) solutions?

    With integrated cloud email security solutions, organizations experience:

    • Protection optimized specifically for M365
    • Deployment in minutes
    • Out-of-the box settings
    • Minimal configuration
    • Simplified administration
    • One-click remediation
    • Extensibility through rich APIs
    • World-class email security at a lower cost

    What is the difference between an integrated cloud email security solution and a secure email gateway solution?

    Integrated cloud email security offers:

    • Lightning fast deployment
    • Seamless integration with one particular email platform
    • Best practice, out of the box settings
    • Simplified administration

    A secure email gateway solution offers:

    • Support for any email environment
    • Highly customizable policies and controls
    • A full range of complementary solutions, including continuity, DMARC, and archiving

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