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    Email Security Remains an Important Topic: Radicati Recognizes Mimecast as ‘Top Player’

    Research firm Radicati has recognized Mimecast as a Top Player in its Market Quadrant for Email Security report.

    by Andrew Williams

    Key Points

    • With so many solutions available today, it can be challenging for security teams to find the solutions that work best for their organization.
    • Third-party research firms like Radicati can help organizations discover which vendors are the “Top Players”.
    • Mimecast has a long and storied history of providing email security for firms of all sizes in many different industries around the world.
    • Mimecast’s strong capabilities have led to the company being recognized as a “Top Player” in the Email Security space by Radicati in their Market Quadrant for Email Security report.

    Email remains the most popular way for cyber criminals to spread spyware, ransomware, social engineering attacks such as phishing and spear phishing, and other cyber attacks.

    With so many solutions on the market attempting to stop these threats, security professionals can be overwhelmed when it comes to deciding the best email security approach for their organization. Fortunately, there are third party research firms like Radicati that provide insightful tools to make sense of the email security landscape.

    Radicati Reports Help Security Professionals Identify Top Players

    Radicati is a market research firm focused on the computer and telecommunications industry. Radicati releases a number of reports on specific areas within the industry in which the firm illustrates how individual vendors fit within specific technology markets at any given point.

    Radicati has released its Market Quadrant for Email Security in which Mimecast has been named a “Top Player”. Mimecast believes Radicati’s assessment validates both our strategy and our execution on behalf of customers in the email security space.

    To Radicati, Top Players are “current market leaders with products that offer both breadth and depth of functionality, as well as possess a solid vision for the future. Top Players shape the market with their technology and strategic vision. Vendors don’t become Top Players overnight…As companies reach this stage, they must fight complacency and continue to innovate.” Mimecast believes that we solidly fit into this category.

    Comprehensive Solutions Allow Users to Work Protected

    As Radicati notes, Mimecast offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to protect communications, people, and data. Customers have a choice of two email security solutions: Email Security Cloud Gateway, a cloud-based secure email gateway; and Email Security Cloud Integrated, which does not require an MX record change and is aimed at protecting Microsoft 365 environments.

    Radicati also notes that these Mimecast solutions offer a common set of security features and deliver the same level of protection from BEC, phishing, malware, and spam. Additionally, both solutions offer advanced impersonation protection by detecting known BEC identifiers such as Similar Domain, Similar Display Name, New Observed Domains with actions that include dynamic banners that enable end-users to make smart choices about their email security. URL re-writing and attachment inspection are also available to all customers across both solutions. 

    In addition, Radicati calls out the following as capabilities from Mimecast that can benefit customers:

    • A broader product range that includes awareness training, human risk management, DMARC management services, collaboration security, and information archiving.
    • A high degree of configurability to manage scenarios such as mixed cloud and on-premises deployment, as well as multi-geographical deployment with complex mail routing requirements.
    • Instantaneous deployment with no MX record change, out-of-the-box settings, and simplified administration.
    • A multi-layered approach for spam, malware blocking and anti-phishing that relies on a mix of established AV engines, reputation lists, file sandboxing, static file analysis, URL rewriting and related web site analysis, as well as proprietary heuristics and intelligence to provide anti-malware, anti-spam, and malicious URL filtering.
    • AI and machine learning across the detection stack to augment inspection.
    • A single integrated administration console for all services, complete with templates and customizable policies that enable administrators to monitor, report, and change the block/allow decisions of the system, and manage many other aspects of their services.
    • Extensive logging to ensure visibility of user and overall organizational activities. DLP logs from showing which DLP policy was triggered, by whom and what action was applied.

    Additional Capabilities Identified by Radicati

    Radicati goes on to highlight that Mimecast provides an open API architecture with out-of-the box integrations to help customers surface email intelligence, share threats bilaterally with security enforcement points and automate/orchestrate actions with SIEM, SOAR and EDR/XDR systems. It is important for security professionals to note that these API capabilities also allow customers to ingest their own threat data into their Mimecast tenant.

    While often lower on the priority list for many organizations, incident response remains a very important part of human risk management as no solution is ever 100% effective. Radicati points out in their report that Mimecast Email Incident Response capabilities include AI-powered automation tools that analyze, triage, and prioritize potential threats, and that email meta data is enriched by intelligence from the Mimecast X1 platform. User-reported threats are routed to Mimecast’s security operations center where they are automatically analyzed, triaged, and prioritized for analyst classification and remediation.

    The Bottom Line

    With so many solutions on the market, it can be challenging for security professionals to find the solutions that work best for their security approach and the needs of their organization. Third-party research firms like Radicati can help them discover which vendors are the “Top Players”, such as Mimecast. Mimecast has a long and storied history of providing email security for firms of all sizes in many different industries around the world. Our strong capabilities have led to us being recognized as a “Top Player” in the Email Security space.

    Security professionals looking to learn more can read the full report.

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