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    The web is a dangerous place - the need for web security

    If there's one certainty, it's that employees will continue to click without thinking. Robust email security controls can protect clicks from email messages, but what about everywhere else - like social media, instant messaging and personal webmail? Strong web security is needed to protect clicks from just about anywhere.

    Email and web are the top two vectors for cyberattacks, serving collectively as the initiation point for 99% of successful breaches and being used in concert to execute 91% of the malware delivered via email. Because the bad guys use these channels together, a seamless, simple, and scalable web security strategy for protecting them together is essential.

    Mimecast addresses the top two cyberattack vectors - email and web - with a single, fully integrated cloud service.


    The challenges of addressing bad content, bad systems, and bad behavior

    Bad content refers to malicious code hosted on websites mounted or corrupted by hackers. Remarkably, even after all the money that’s been lavished on safeguarding websites and traffic, many web requests still lead to malware. Bad systems are software tools you don’t want people to use. And in bad behavior, employees use unauthorized web-based email or file transfer services that seem too convenient to resist. 

    With the challenges mass remote working has introduced, organizations must integrate crucial security functions such as URL filtering, malware protection, and data leak prevention, and simplifying the task of enforcing compliance with your Internet and acceptable use policies, wherever your employees are connecting from.


    Effective web security must address key organizational challenges

    To successfully combat the web security risks from employee access to the web, you must effectively address a number of requirements.


    Protect against malicious sites

    Block websites that deliver malware or are part of phishing attacks using the latest intelligence.


    Enforce acceptable web use

    Mitigate security, legal and compliance risks by simply and effectively controlling what websites employees and guests can access.


    Protect everywhere

    Extend consistent security to all employees and devices, both on and off the network.


    Mitigate shadow IT

    See which cloud apps are being used, by whom and how often. Apply policies to block specific apps and monitor apps to better understand usage before taking action.


    Easily see and report on web access

    Get quick and simple visualization of key metrics, such as top accessed domains, site categories, blocked domains and requests leading to malicious sites. Access detailed logs for faster event investigation.


    Benefits of web security solutions from Mimecast

    Advantages of Mimecast web security solutions include:

    • Proactive protection to keep employees safe and productive without slowing response times.
    • Easy-to-use administrative tools accessed through a single, cloud-based console.
    • Fast deployment in less than 60 minutes.
    • Anytime, anywhere protection whether users are on or off the organization's network.
    • Robust reporting that includes visualizations of top accessed domains, accessed site categories and DNS requests that were associated with malware or malicious sites.
    • Increased visibility and control with the ability to consistently apply web use policies.
    • Easy scalability – Mimecast manages the infrastructure, relieving IT teams from the task of monitoring and upgrading software and hardware.
    How It Works

    Address the top two attack vectors with a single, integrated cloud service

    Email is still the primary attack vector, but the web is a close second. Attackers use both to execute malware, which is why a single, tightly integrated cloud service is necessary to protect against web-based attacks.


    "We ultimately chose the Mimecast Web Security service because it's easy to use. We had it up and running in about 15 minutes."

    Michael Leary
    AVP/Cybersecurity Manager

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