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    A unified, high-value solution for all your e-discovery, compliance and resilience challenges

    Mimecast helps you respond quickly and efficiently to e-discovery events, reducing costs and enabling a legal response system that’s intuitive, predictable and effective. Mimecast E-discovery Services are built on Mimecast Cloud Archive, the best-in-class, easy-to-operate cloud solution for compliance, data management and continuity.


    The right e-discovery and compliance solutions for whatever comes your way

    Visibility & Control

    You’re generating more electronically stored information (ESI) every year. You can’t afford to let e-discovery requests overwhelm your resources — or compromise response quality or timeliness. Mimecast Case Review and Mimecast Cloud Archive E-Discovery Services put you back in charge.

    Human Risk

    Careless or distracted humans generate enormous compliance risk. Don’t just educate employees: Focus awareness resources on the people and departments where they’re needed most using Mimecast’s up-to-the-minute employee risk scoring and predictive analytics.

    Email Continuity

    Increasingly, business continuity is a key aspect of compliance. That means you need to quickly — and always — access email and other data even if you’re facing a cyberattack. With Mimecast’s immediate failover, email keeps flowing via Outlook, web, mobile and Mac, even if mail systems go down.

    Retention Done Right

    Modern enterprises face diverse, complex, ever-changing compliance rules from the SEC, FINRA, CFTC, and other agencies and jurisdictions. Mimecast Compliance Protect lets you confidently achieve enterprise-wide compliance by automating the execution of consistent retention policies. 


    The Mimecast Solution

    Discover a unified platform that simplifies and speeds all facets of e-discovery and compliance. Mimecast enables you to:


    Perform comprehensive email compliance, e-discovery searches and litigation support, including retention, legal hold, case management and data export.


    Maintain self-service control for legal and compliance teams, eliminating IT burdens and delays.


    Efficiently and productively supervise compliance with SEC, FINRA and other requirements.


    Use automated culling to review cases faster and more effectively, perform more e-discovery services in-house and significantly reduce third-party costs.


    Streamline and simplify data retention to better support long-term legal and data management strategies.


    Ensure data integrity with SEC 17a-4 validated data immutability and detailed activities logging.


    Ensure data integrity with SEC 17a-4 validated data immutability and detailed activities logging.


    Access detailed compliance and legal case analytics to reduce risk and improve overall effectiveness.


    Resist cyberattacks by integrating e-discovery services with Mimecast’s cyber resilience suite, and ensure email continuity with a 100% service availability SLA to keep messages flowing even if you’re attacked.


    See how a proactive approach to e-discovery improves response and cuts cost

    Explore new opportunities to take control of e-discovery, slash third-party costs, get more defensible results, and confidently perform Early Case Assessments when key decisions need to be made fast.  


    E-Discovery and Compliance FAQs

    The basics of e-discovery and compliance software and services, in a nutshell.

    What is e-discovery software?

    E-discovery software assists attorneys in managing the process of identifying, collecting, reviewing and producing electronic documents for use in a lawsuit or investigation. E-discovery software can help to process a wide variety of electronically stored information (ESI) including email, documents, databases, spreadsheets, instant messages, social media communications and more.

    What data retention capabilities should e-discovery software include?

    Beyond streamlining and simplifying the collection, organization and review of ESI for legal proceedings, superior e-discovery software should also help organizations manage and centralize data archives. It should also support legal and data management strategies for storing and retrieving files to drive greater efficiency and cost savings.

    What are the advantages of cloud-based e-discovery services?

    Mimecast’s cloud-based subscription service makes e-discovery easy to implement and manage and quick to scale as your needs grow, while requiring none of the upfront capital investment required to provision e-discovery services in-house. Delivered by one of the world’s leading cybersecurity companies, Mimecast’s cloud-based e-discovery services, tools and archives offer world-class security. Mimecast Cloud Archive tightly integrates with Mimecast’s best-in-class cyber resilience suite to help your organization resist ransomware and other cyberattacks and improve business continuity in alignment with requirements from the SEC, the EU’s GDPR regulations, and others. 
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