Email Security

    Mimecast and Okta: 5-Minute Integration Overview

    Use Mimecast to safeguard email and Okta to investigate breach sources

    Key Points

    • Organizations have been growing in complexity, increasing the risk of attack.
    • Supply chain attacks, where the first point of compromise is not actual target, but instead, a company somewhere in the organization’s supply chain, are also on the rise.
    • In many cases, the actual target is a large and very secure business with strong virtual and physical security, but the first point of compromise ends up being a much smaller, less secure organization.
    • Attackers infiltrate the smaller organization, usually using an email-based attack, in order to eventually gain access to the larger organization.

    “From our powerful integration with Mimecast, [Okta is] able to populate this group with users that are potentially initiating attack or are the victim of potential phishing attacks within an organization.”


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