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    GDPR: What You Need to Know Now

    Compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can't be an oversight for your organization if you handle or process EU customer data. It's creating fundamental shifts around the privacy, protection, security and portability of data.

    Whether you're just starting your compliance journey or feel your house is in order, there's still much to learn and understand about GDPR.

    In this video presentation, Mimecast Chief Trust Officer and Data Protection Officer (DPO) Marc French sits down with TechTarget's Mike Perkowski to discuss all aspects of GDPR and how it impacts processes and procedures for organizations across the globe. Topics explored include:

    • How aspects of GDPR including data breach notifications and the right to be forgotten work
    • The role of the DPO under GDPR and their organizational responsibilities
    • What Mimecast provides to help you with GDPR compliance
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