Mimecast Opens First Canadian Office in the Greater Toronto Area

    Company expands its global footprint by setting up Engineering Center of Excellence in technology innovation hub

    LEXINGTON, Mass. March 12, 2024 - Mimecast, a global cybersecurity company, announced the opening of its first Canadian office in Mississauga, Ontario. This new office has officially opened its doors with more than 60 employees and plans to expand the headcount within the first year. To celebrate this office opening, Mimecast will host members of the community for a ceremony featuring office tours, networking and comments from Mimecast’s leadership team.  

    “Technology innovation is brewing across Canada, and Mississauga is an emerging hotbed for the best talent and companies driving this industry forward,” said Fernando Gualtieri, Country Manager, Canada, at Mimecast. “I'm excited to bring Mimecast’s legacy of cybersecurity innovation to the greater Toronto area and look forward to recruiting from a diverse and extremely skilled talent pool.”   

     The new location will serve as one of Mimecast’s Engineering Centers of Excellence, with multiple engineering roles already filled – roughly 70% of the office is comprised of engineers or product roles. Mimecast chose to open an office in Mississauga due to the region’s focus on technology innovation and diversity. As the office expands, Mimecast plans to bring in new talent with a unique skill set for artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing technologies to help fuel product growth.  

    "As we were looking to continue down the path of growth and innovation, we looked at different locations around the world where we could open our next Center of Excellence,” said David Raissipour, Chief Technology & Product Officer at Mimecast. “With its proximity to world-class schools, diversity of talent, and proximity to our North American headquarters, Mississauga was an obvious choice. I look forward to continuing our growth here in Canada while Mimecast benefits from the amazing talent and innovative culture." 

    Mimecast’s new office in Mississauga is located at 55 Standish Court – Suite 400. For a full list of job openings in Canada visit here.  

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