Mimecast Announces Mimecast for Mac

    Mac users to benefit from Mimecast’s new Large File Send service, as well as email continuity, archive search and security

    London, U.K. – Mimecast, the leading cloud email security, archiving and continuity service, today launched Mimecast for Mac, a native app that allows Mac users to benefit from faster and more intuitive access to a range of enterprise cloud services previously limited to users of Microsoft Outlook for Windows. Mimecast customers can download the app from its Knowledge Base from today.

    Mimecast for Mac is a native app that gives users full secure access to their email even when their primary service goes down, rapid searching of their personal email archive, and spam management. The app also enables users to securely send and receive large files with Mimecast Large File Send, regardless of whether or not the recipient is a Mimecast customer.

    For IT administrators they can extend their Mimecast cloud email continuity and security policies to their Mac users and get the ease and cost benefit of managing their Mac and Windows users from within the same central Mimecast Administration Console.

    Orlando Scott-Cowley, Director of Technology Marketing, Mimecast commented: “Macs are an increasingly important part of our customers’ total technology estate. IT teams are expected to manage complex environments that mix PCs, Macs and also multiple mobile devices. Securing data and providing a common user experience for email archive and continuity access across these environments can be a real headache. Now with our Mac app, users will get the same ease of use, features and security from our secure cloud email service, irrespective of the desktop environment they prefer.”

    He continued: “With our Large File Send service available through the Mac app, IT administrators can also ensure that some of their most storage-hungry users can exchange large files within a safe corporate IT framework. This service eliminates their need to resort to third party cloud services outside the safety of the corporate network, addressing an area of significant concern for IT and compliance teams.”


    Key features of Mimecast for Mac:

    • For Mac users:
    1. Email continuity - send and receive messages directly through Mimecast even when the corporate mail server is unavailable.  When a user replies or forwards messages from the archive they are sent directly and securely through the Mimecast service.  When the primary corporate mail server is back up, email is consolidated to ensure the archive is up to date with activity that happened during the outage.
    2. Large File Send - send and receive files securely and easily from within Mimecast for Mac without the need to utilize third party file sharing and storage apps or services. Find out more about Mimecast Large File Send here.
    3. Spam management - report spam to Mimecast, view and edit block and allow lists, review messages that are on hold, and release or delete messages from the hold queue at any time.
    4. Three levels of increasingly detailed and customizable search available for the entire personal email archive.
    5. Delegate archive access - access online inbox and sent items of delegate accounts as well as perform archive searches.


    • 2. For IT administrators:
    1. Centralized administrator control via the Mimecast Administration Console for the whole desktop environment - apply granular permissions and control features by Active Directory group. Options include: allow/deny users access to the app; specify authentication types to be used (Cloud or Active Directory); enable/disable access to archive search; online inbox; online sent items and on hold queues.
    2. Centralized deployment options available using endpoint management technologies (e.g. Casper, Apple Remote Desktop).
    3. Improved email security:
    • Date Leak Protection (DLP) - enforce policies that protect corporate data when sent from the app. Mitigate the risk of data loss by extending DLP and security policies centrally to all email and email attachments sent from the Mac app.
    • Enforce trusted network access.  Restrict access to corporate data from the Mimecast app to known and trusted networks – prevent access from free, public Wi-Fi hotspots that are often insecure and left open to attack.


    About Mimecast 

    Mimecast (www.mimecast.com) delivers cloud-based email management for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365, including archiving, continuity and security. By unifying disparate and fragmented email environments into one holistic solution that is always available from the cloud, Mimecast minimizes risk and reduces cost and complexity, while providing total end-to-end control of email. Founded in the United Kingdom in 2003, Mimecast serves more than 8,000 customers and 2 million users worldwide and has offices in Europe, North America, Africa, Australia and the Channel Islands.

    Mimecast is a trademark of Mimecast Services Limited. Mac is a trademark of Apple Inc. Outlook is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.


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