Mimecast launches the market’s leading multipurpose archive solution

    Mimecast cloud archive offers enhanced features including mobility, data recovery & preservation needed to manage email today

    Watertown, MA – Mimecast Limited (NASDAQ: MIME), a leading email and data security company, today announced the launch of Mimecast Cloud Archive, the leading multipurpose archive solution built for the cloud. Mimecast Cloud Archive delivers an all-in-one cloud service that integrates: a secure data repository, built-in data recovery, storage management, e-discovery and compliance capabilities. Mimecast Cloud Archive enables customers to access their email archive anywhere, anytime, and on any device in record speed. Latest innovations will be featured at the Mimecast Cloud Archive global virtual event on October 11, 2017. Mimecast also revealed new data, revealing organizations’ top challenges with archiving solutions. 

    Eighty-eight Percent of Organizations Struggle with Existing Archive Solutions: Get New-School About Archiving

    Legacy on-premises and first generation cloud email archiving platforms have become obsolete, as the way organizations use email has completely changed since archiving’s inception nearly two decades ago. According to new global data from Mimecast and Vanson Bourne, 88 percent of organizations responded that they have experienced problems with their existing archiving solution. Nearly 60 percent cite administrative complexity as a top challenge, while 48 percent experience a lack of scalability. Another 56 percent are plagued by slow search performance. Mimecast Cloud Archiveis designed and optimized for the cloud, offering the scale, performance and advanced features needed to manage email today. 

    “Most email archiving technology was built when email usage was much different. With email being the top communications channel for business, it’s growing at a rate where these on-premises solutions can’t keep up,” said Peter Bauer, chief executive officer, Mimecast.  “Archive needs to be thought of as a digital memory– with multiple dimensions that secure corporate data, empower employees with anywhere, anytime access to email, and ensure regulatory and compliance obligations are met. With Cloud Archive, we’re able to give customers the confidence and control they need, with the industry’s fastest search speeds, to get more value from their email data today.”

    Mimecast Cloud Archive latest innovations enable:

    1. E-Discovery and compliance are made easy by leveraging the fastest search performance in the industry. Robust, intuitive tools simplify administrative and e-discovery searches for IT administrators, compliance teams, and legal professionals.
    2. Data recovery with Sync & Recover offers independent, immutable, always-available archives to hedge against data loss or corruption, giving organizations a means to restore their Outlook content – including email, personal folders, calendar entries and contacts – should misfortune strike.
    3. Business insights found in Case Review App allow for fast, effective search of email and attachment data to serve myriad missions, including compliance reviews, litigation case assessments, and internal policy audits. Additionally, Mimecast’s latest integration with Salesforce.com allows for Cloud Archive access and fast search capabilities within the CRM tool.
    4. Long-term data preservation with the archiving of email and attachment data into perpetuity, with no additional fees or charges for storage or retention duration.

    “Archiving is intended to perform two vital functions: preserve data and simplify data management functions like search and e-discovery. However, many archiving platforms use on-premises architecture that isn’t able to cost-effectively handle the growing volume of email communications that is the ‘norm’ for businesses today,” said Andrew Smith, senior research analyst at IDC. Buyers – and the market as a whole – are quickly moving to cloud-based archiving solutions that allow for better scale, performance and value.”

    The Need for Anywhere, Anytime Archive Access

    Mimecast’s new research also found that fifty percent of organizations noted mobility, faster search speed and end-user accessibility as top priorities. Organizations that give employees access to their own email archives enable them to work anytime, anywhere and increase productivity and streamline collaboration. This access also reduces the burden on IT. Ninety-four percent of organizations reported that if their email archiving solution included mobile apps for employees to access personal archives, they would roll them out, with one-fifth saying they would roll them out “without a doubt.”

    Mimecast Cloud Archive includes new capabilities that empower employees with fully integrated email management from anywhere, and enhances security by ensuring full IT control over deployment, content access and revocation using their chosen Enterprise Mobility Management solution. Employees can self-serve for rapid archive search, security controls and always-on email whether using a corporate device or their own, increasing productivity.

    Mimecast has partnered with BlackBerry, a leader in Enterprise Mobility Management, to ensure Mimecast Mobile can be deployed securely and with the management, access and content controls required. Support for other leading mobility management platforms will follow.

    “We live in an always-connected world, and employees have grown to expect access to their corporate email archives anytime, from anywhere,” said Mark Wilson, SVP and Chief Evangelist, BlackBerry. “While this helps drive productivity and collaboration, organizations need to ensure that corporate data is secured in line with policy no matter the device used or if the employee is on or off the corporate network. We’re excited to help Mimecast give IT and security teams the ultimate control over employee access and authentication, while enabling employees to stay productive.”

    Want to learn more? Join the Mimecast Cloud Archive live virtual event taking place in three sessions around the globe on Wednesday, Oct. 11th. Attendees will get to hear from Amanda Crew, actress from the hit HBO series Silicon Valley who will present key challenges in archiving plus insights and perspectives from Mimecast CEO Peter Bauer and Mimecast CTO Neil Murray. Attendees also get access to deep-dive demonstrations of the latest product innovations and live technical chat sessions with experts.

    Register for the live virtual event in your region here.


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