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    Episode #8, Season 3 of Phishy Business: Quantum Computing: Qubits, Algorithms, and Cybersecurity

    In this episode of Phishy Business, we delve into the current and future state of quantum computing, and make some predictions about how it will impact cybersecurity and the world in general.

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    Just how cybersecurity doesn’t just impact organizations, but is something that every user should be thinking about, quantum computing is going to have a wide-reaching impact on many aspects of life.

    Special guests Duncan Jones, Head of Content Cybersecurity at Cambridge Quantum, and Dr. Francis Gaffney, Director of Mimecast Labs & Future Operations, do their best to take a concept that can be intimidating and break it down into simple, easy-to-understand scenarios.

    In ‘Quantum Computing: Qubits, Algorithms, and Cybersecurity’, we discuss: 

    • How to describe quantum computing at a dinner party and how it is different from the computing with which we are familiar
    • The power of quantum computing and its benefits for technologies like machine learning, medical discovery, and language processing
    • How quantum computing is going to impact cybersecurity, including the fact that quantum computers may one day in the not-so-distant future render modern encryption powerless
    • How quantum computing can be used in the future to defend against threats and what organizations should be doing to plan for a future with quantum computing
    • How IoT devices that are being built today should factor in quantum computing as much as possible since these devices will very likely still be in use when quantum computing is deployed on a large scale
    • What Q Day is and when it might happen
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