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    Episode #6, Season 5 of Phishy Business: Keeping Threats ‘At-Bay’ – Normalizing Cyber Insurance as Part of Business

    In this episode of Phishy Business, we bring you a special recording from the show floor at RSA Conference. Hosted by Mimecast’s CMO Norman Guadagno, this episode delves into cyber insurance and how managing risk has had to adapt to the modern digital economy. You’ll learn exactly what cyber insurance is, why it’s important, and how insurers should be trusted partners to organizations looking to better protect themselves from cyberattacks.

    Our special guests are Tara Bodden, Head of Claims and General Counsel, and Thom Dekens, Chief Business Officer & GM at At-Bay Cyber Insurance. Tara works to ensure a seamless customer experience for At-Bay clients who have filed a claim. She also works to unlock data insights that can protect clients, as well as heads up At-Bay’s legal department which is charged with making sure At-Bay can deliver on its aspirations without doing harm. Thom heads up the cybersecurity side of At-Bay, ensuring the company and its clients are as secure as possible.

    Tara and Thom use their expertise to provide a look into the importance of cyber insurance in today’s high-risk security environment. They explain how every company is a technology company and how a cyber insurance company can educate organizations on how they can protect themselves. They also provide insight on how a cyber insurance company can help when something goes wrong.

    In ‘Keeping Threats ‘At-Bay’ – Normalizing Cyber Insurance as Part of Business’, we discuss:


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