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    Episode #3, Season 3 of Phishy Business: Hacked, and hacked again

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    Imagine being the CEO of tech company. Now imagine your company gets hacked, not once, but twice. This is what happened to our guest, Scott Schober, a CEO, best-selling author of the book Hacked Again, and cybersecurity educator. We discuss how his company got breached, his mission to educate other business leaders on good cyber hygiene, and – crucially – how to get them to act.

    In ‘Hacked, and hacked again’, we cover:

    • How Scott’s company got hacked
    • What it is like being both a cybersecurity expert and a victim of cybercrime
    • How his experience spurred him on to educate other business leaders
    • How his speaking out about being attacked made him a personal target for cybercriminals
    • His tips of on how business leaders can stay safe
    • Why losing $65,000 to hackers is a drop in the cybercrime ocean
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