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    Episode #2, Season 5 of Phishy Business: Why Security Professionals Should Consider Career Coaching

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    In this episode of Phishy Business, we discuss career coaching, looking at what it is, and how it can benefit all professionals, including those in the cybersecurity space. We delve into the differences between coaching and mentoring and discuss what to expect when working with a career coach.

    Our special guests are executive coach and mentor Fiona Anderson, and Dr. Kiri Addison, Senior Product Manager at Mimecast. Fiona is a change catalyst who works with professionals from all sectors with a particular focus on culture change. Fiona loves working with people to help them become the best versions of themselves. Kiri is a senior product manager and all-around cybersecurity expert who recently won a Most Inspiring Women in Cyber award and worked with Fiona on her own career development.

    In ‘Understanding More About Career Coaching’, we discuss:

    • The difference between coaching and mentoring
    • Recognizing that there may be career ceilings of our own making
    • How different personalities and even gender identity can lead to different perspectives
    • How the career coaching process works and key things to insist on, such as confidentiality
    • The importance of knowing your own values
    • What Kiri got out of the coaching process
    • Tips to combat stress and burnout, a major issue in the cybersecurity sector

    About Phishy Business 

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