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    Episode #10, Season 5 of Phishy Business: CIS Roundtable – Keeping the Public Sector Secure

    In this episode of Phishy Business, we feature a roundtable discussion with three members from the Center for Internet Security (CIS). Mimecast CMO Norman Guadagno hosts this wide-ranging discussion that covers many topics, including cybersecurity trends in the public sector and why information sharing is essential to keeping our connected world safe.

    Our special guests are Sean Atkinson, CISO, Randy Rose, CIS Sr. Director of Security Operations and Intelligence, and Karen Sorady, VP of MS-ISAC Member Engagement (and former NY State CISO). The trio shares the mission and background of CIS, as well as their experiences and learnings from years working with the public sector.

    In ‘CIS Roundtable – Keeping the Public Sector Secure’ we discuss:

    • Are we in better or worse shape in terms of cybersecurity than we were 20 years ago? 
    • What is the Multi State Information Sharing and Analysis Center and how does it work in the context of the US? 
    • What is the reality of election security and threats? 
    • How prioritized is cybersecurity at the local government level?  
    • What’s it like being a CISO of a large US state?
    • How can the tabletop exercise model be optimized?  
    • Why is cybersecurity a great field for recent and upcoming graduates?
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