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    6 Steps to Replace Cybersecurity Solutions  

    Change can be hard. Mimecast is here to help.

    Key Points

    • The key challenges faced when switching to a new cybersecurity vendor
    • How risk will be shared amongst 50% of C-level executives
    • Must-ask questions for your next security vendor

    “Switching to a new solution can be difficult because [it] can come with downtime that threatens security.”

    Responsibility for maintaining cybersecurity isn't just the CISO's job anymore. It is now the collective responsibility of everyone in an organization, including its leaders. When switching to a new cybersecurity vendor, there are many challenges security leaders face. Understanding the difficulties and how to work with a new vendor to best handle them is critical to a successful switch.

    Download the infographic to learn about the six steps to replacing cybersecurity solutions. 

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