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    The State of Ransomware Readiness 2022: Reducing the Personal and Business Cost

    Ransomware has become one of the primary threats to organizations of all types over the past few years. It has become so widespread and costly that many insurance companies are even reconsidering payouts and excluding some forms of ransomware attacks from their coverage – making the need to prevent attacks in the first place all the more pressing.

    The State of Ransomware Readiness  is a global survey of 1,100 cybersecurity decision makers to dig deeper into the ransomware threat and to assess its impact on cybersecurity teams and businesses. This report explores the business implications and personal impacts of ransomware, as well as how organizations are defending against attacks today.


    Download the report to learn how CISOs are grappling with the challenges ransomware presents, and use it as a guide to help deliver continuous improvements to protecting your organization.

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