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    Decluttering Your Security Environment

    Roll Back Complexity to Reduce Security Risk: Expert Insight Brought to You by the Cyber Resilience Think Tank

    "In trying to explain what the biggest cyber threat in an organization is, I’d say it’s the complexity of the internal environment and the lack of enterprise thinking, operation, strategy and architecture."

    - Taylor Lehmann, CISO at athenahealth

    As an IT or information security professional, you carry a great deal of responsibility related to organizational risk – not only when it comes to detecting exposure, but also in managing and responding to that risk. But complexity is at an all-time high and throwing more security tools and technologies into this environment may have the opposite intended effect, given the increasing number of breaches and compromised businesses.

    It’s clear the time is now to redefine the cybersecurity challenge and reevaluate cybersecurity strategy. Download this expert guide from the Cyber Resilience Think Tank to take steps towards simplifying your environment and reducing your organization’s risk.

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