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    Collaboration Security: Risks & Realities of the Modern Work Surface  

    Global survey reveals heightened complexity of securing IT environments amid rapid collaboration tool adoption

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    Key Points

    • 1 in 5 employees skip all cybersecurity reviews before responding to a private message on a business collaboration tool with a link or an attachment.
    • 65% are likely to click on a link to an unfamiliar website or source if they receive it from their line managers.
    • 24% don’t usually check anything before clicking on any links and/or attachments in a message on a team group chat/channel on a business collaboration tool.

    “Facing an onslaught of attacks while the attack surface expands to include collaboration tools and hybrid work environments is the new norm for users and security teams. As a result, it has become business-critical for organizations to secure collaboration platforms as quickly as possible.”


    As cyber threats multiply in sophistication and volume, they become concentrated in platforms that are irresistible to cybercriminals. These platforms, such as Microsoft 365, increase organizations’ exposure and vulnerability to attacks.

    The reason is simple: The rise of online collaboration among employees and the consolidation of email and collaboration tools has created a tantalizing environment for cybercriminals that requires just one entry point to result in potentially devastating effects.

    A global survey of cybersecurity leaders as well as employees reveals the heightened complexity of securing IT environments amid rapid adoption of collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack. Download the ebook to learn about takeaways for the modern work surface and what they could mean for your organization.

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