Case Study
    Email Security

    Workers’ Comp Management Startup Builds a Safety Net With Mimecast Email Security Cloud Integrated

    Full email protection within minutes of deployment

    “I was worried that Mimecast’s gateway-less option would not be sufficient or give us enough tools. But everything we needed was included in the Cloud Integrated solution. It was just like it was tailored for our usage.”


    Using Mimecast Email Security Cloud Integrated (CI), ForzaCare was able to deploy full email protection within minutes of deployment.

    The cloud-based solution, tailored for small businesses, gave ForzaCare all the protection large enterprises have with Mimecast’s flagship Email Security product — without cutting corners. Email Security CI is also scalable, which was important to this new company with big plans for growth.

    As an emerging startup in the benefits management industry, ForzaCare must pay close attention to its cybersecurity posture in order to maintain regulatory and contractual requirements in a field frequently targeted by cybercriminals.

    When the basic protection built into ForzaCare’s email gateway proved insufficient, the company sought an email security solution that could provide better safeguards for its small user base.

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