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    Poultry Business Bolsters its Mimecast Flock with Web Security


    • Email Security, Web Security, Sync & Recover


    • The IT team needed a way to prevent users from clicking on bad links and visiting malicious URLs, while offering IT staff a granular level of control


    • Prevents users from visiting malicious links and URLs
    • Granular level of control when applying rules to specific groups or users
    • Greater visibility into the actions of threat actors attempting to infiltrate their network
    • Deleted or damaged email no longer an issue with Sync & Recover

    At A Glance

    • A U.S. based poultry farming and processing group that processes millions of birds per week

    This might sound surprising, but information technology (IT) is the backbone of everything that happens at a U.S. based poultry business.

    From email, to the web, storage, and even services within processing plants – IT keeps the operation running. For this company, that means keeping the worst-case cybersecurity scenarios at bay using a full Mimecast suite containing Email Security, Sync & Recover, and the most recent addition: Web Security.

    According to one member of the organization’s IT team, this combination makes all the difference. “If anything goes wrong in IT, I’m the guy who has to deal with it,” says the IT team member. “But with the Mimecast suite, I have confidence that together we’ll be able to get the job done.”

    Customer Vision 

    The company first partnered with Mimecast several years ago for email security. With an IT staff of a dozen people managing roughly 675 Microsoft Office 365 users, Mimecast is a part of the team.

    “Mimecast helps extend email security primarily because it changes the way we manage it,” says the IT team member. “It provides me with all the tools I need to secure our organization, including being able to recover lost emails quickly and effortlessly. This is the benefit of having a system in place that’s tailored for email.”

    Customer Strategy 

    With the evolving threat landscape, the organization’s IT team realized securing email wasn’t enough. The company also needed a way to secure web traffic. “Our IT team regularly offers users guidance on what to watch out for,” the team member says. “But if someone disregards what they’ve heard and clicks on a malicious link, we need a backstop to prevent things from going awry.”

    To solve this problem, the company engaged a Mimecast partner who recommended he add Web Security to the solution set. The IT team member says the decision made sense from the get-go. “It’s a no brainer. Mimecast Web Security protects against users who do not practice cybersafe behavior on the web.”

    Customer Outcome 

    Initially, the IT team member thought configuring a new product would cause headaches. However, Mimecast and the organization’s internal IT team had everything up and running in hours.

    “We have a new level of insight into what threat actors are trying to take advantage of, and how they’re trying to circumvent security practices already in place. Mimecast provides extra visibility,” the team member says, and also appreciates the simplicity of Mimecast Web Security when it comes to applying specific rules to a group or users and the level of granularity available.

    The IT team member has also experienced the benefits of another Mimecast product: Sync &Recover. “I had a user who accidentally deleted a year’s worth of email. With Sync & Recover, I was able to restore all emails to his mailbox without having to upload or download anything. This is just one example of how Mimecast saves us a ton of time.”

    “We have a new level of insight into what threat actors are trying to take advantage of, and how they’re trying to circumvent security practices already in place. Mimecast provides extra visibility.”

    – IT Team member

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