Mimecast Helps Broadcaster Network Ten Eliminate Email-Borne Malware


Media organizations are particularly vulnerable to outside attacks due to their high profile. “In the last two to three years, we have seen a significant increase in malicious email attacks and URL-type attacks,” says Jason Tuendemann, Chief Information and Technology Officer with Network Ten. The company had a reasonably mature IT practice for resolving ransomware attacks, but it was time and resource consuming. Tuendemann knew a better approach would be to stop malware from entering the network in the first place.

He sought a new email management solution that would defend against the growing volumes of malicious emails, improve security, and empower users to work more safely online in their Office 365 environment.


Network Ten evaluated a number of email security solutions, and after a proof of concept selected Mimecast Email Security, which appealed for its cloud design, robust email filtering and archiving capabilities, and tight integration with Office 365. Importantly, the proof of concept showed very few false positives.

“We receive a lot of information from the outside, so we have to be very careful about how much we block,” Tuendemann explains. “Delivery of information needs to be very timely, and the news organisation wants to know what’s going on. So it’s a balancing act to decide how much filtering you put in place; there’s nothing more frustrating for people than having legitimate email blocked.”

Network Ten coupled its Mimecast implementation with training for employees to help them identify and avoid phishing scams and malicious URLs.


“Since implementing Mimecast we haven’t suffered a single URL type incident,” Tuendemann says. 80 percent of incoming email is blocked as spam or malicious, including 100 malware samples avoided per week. IT staff now have time to focus on other tasks, and Network Ten employees have a heightened awareness of the importance of security.

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