Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Looks to Mimecast for Phishing and Malware remedy

With attacks against healthcare organizations on the rise, Methodist was seeing an increase in the number of phishing and malware links coming in via email. They found that educating their users wasn’t enough. They still had users unknowingly clicking on malicious links. Using Mimecast functionality they tried modifying the subject line of all inbound emails to say EXTERNAL but still had users clicking on links. They needed something more to stop this.

Solution Implemented
Having been protected by Mimecast since 2010, appreciating the benefits, implementing Mimecast’s Targeted Threat Protection was a no-brainer. Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection - URL Protect, transcends traditional gateway security to defend against malicious links in email through URL rewriting, web scanning and by blocking suspect sites – all in real-time. It also provides a combination of file conversion to PDF and sandboxing. Coupled with customizable end-user notifications and granular user awareness tools, Mimecast’s Targeted Threat Protection was the perfect solution. “I love it! We have it set so that end-users get the copy of the email with a converted PDF but can click the link to get the legitimate copy. My logic is that I get emails every single day and this PDF gives me a stop-gap before something harmful gets through. The protection from Targeted Threat URL protection and attachment protection is huge in my opinion. Knowing that we are being protected is a big benefit.”

In Summary
“With Mimecast we don’t have to manage anti-spam and anti-malware. Having all of our email go through Mimecast
allows us to quickly and easily get the information we need - we can tell if the email was sent encrypted, who sent the message, and when and if the message was delivered on our side or their side. This has given us huge benefits that we never had before,” - Matt Green, Director Enterprise Architecture

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