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    Essential cloud web security to keep you protected

    The web is a persistent and growing area of cybersecurity risk, as threat actors know it presents unlimited opportunities for launching attacks. Protect your employees from malicious websites and applications with a fully cloud-based solution. Integration with Mimecast Email Security streamlines protection to lower the overall cost and complexity of reducing risk for the two largest threat vectors – email and web. 

    Make the web safer for your employees with Mimecast's Cloud Web Security

    Mimecast’s Web Security solution empowers you to mitigate web and cloud application risks with effective protection against online threats. It’s also simple to set up and easy to manage.


    Protect employees everywhere

    Keep your employees, contractors, and Wi-Fi guests safe on the web with on  and off-network protection.


    Increase visibility and control

    Discover, monitor, and control internet and cloud application activity across your organization, while ensuring acceptable web use.


    Reduce web and email risk together

    Protect your business from malicious web content with threat detection and defense that works in partnership with email security. 

    The Challenge

    The challenges and risks of working online 

    Today’s hybrid work surface has solidified web and email as cybercriminals’ preferred vectors for launching attacks. And the target couldn’t be any larger. For countless employees, work consists almost entirely of these two tools.

    The web in particular presents a massive risk to security leaders if left unchecked. Malicious content is everywhere, scattered across popular social media sites, web-based email, and file sharing platforms.

    On the internet, the line between work and personal life is decidedly blurred. People have thousands of cloud applications at their fingertips, many of them a mystery to security teams. Employees, contractors, and Wi-Fi guests alike represent real risk that needs to be addressed.  

    Our Solution

    Mimecast solves your toughest web security challenges 

    Fast to configure and easy to manage, Mimecast’s cloud-based Web Security solution works at the DNS level to stop malware and inappropriate web use in its tracks. 


    Granular policy configuration
    Blocks malicious content and enforces acceptable web use with block and allow lists, application control,  category filtering, and more.


    Cloud application visibility & control
    Reveals which cloud applications your employees use across devices in a single dashboard and enables you to easily restrict access as needed.


    On and off-network protection
    Protects employees regardless of their location via the Mimecast Security Agent (available for Windows, MacOS, and iOS).


    Advanced security
    Blocks newly observed domains, proxies and scans suspicious sites, and opens unclassified sites safely in an isolated browser.


    Email security integration
    Leverages Mimecast’s email security detection technologies to ensure consistent coverage across web and email, including managed URLs and advanced similarity checks.


    Saved attachment remediation
    Integrates with Mimecast’s Internal Email Protection solution to remotely remove potentially malicious files saved to an employee’s Windows device.

    How It Works

    Mimecast Web Security, explained.

    Email Security, Cloud Gateway
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    Email Security,
    Cloud Gateway

    Advanced controls at your fingertips


    World-class email security built for your specific needs

    Email is the top attack vector and demands the strongest possible protection. Get world-class email security efficacy, delivered in the way the best meets your needs with Email Security, Gateway.

    With a broad range of complementary solutions and pre-built API integrations, Email Security, Cloud Gateway works in concert with Mimecast’s extended product suite to bolster security and reduce organizational risk.


    Web Security FAQs

    What are the features of the best web security solutions?

    The best web security solutions provide robust protection for your employees while minimizing the operational impact on your security team.

    Best-in-class solutions should include granular policy and reporting capabilities as well as monitoring and control for cloud applications. On and off-network protection and easy administration are also key.

    DNS-based solutions protect against malware, viruses, and spyware, and can also provide a cloud-based proxy for sophisticated threats. For many organizations, DNS-based solutions provide the best alternative to secure web gateway (SWG) solutions which tend to be expensive and complex.

    Why do you need a security solution?

    Web security offers proactive protection against a variety of threats to safeguard employees and productivity. It offers an effective solution and layered defense against common attacks – like account compromise or malware injection – before they touch any critical systems.

    How do I choose the best website security service for my business?

    Web security should work in partnership with your broader security strategy. Identify areas of risk within your organization and consider what requirements will drive your risk mitigation tactics – including acceptable web use and cloud application monitoring and control.

    Additionally, with web and email representing the two most prominent attack vectors, and often being used in concert during attacks, web security should work in cooperation with email security through integration. This combined effort will also help to offset operational costs and complexity.

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