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    Threat Intelligence Dashboard


    Increase both visibility and control over the nature of threats your organization faces.

    Mimecast’s Threat Intelligence Dashboard displays cyber threat data specific to your organization in a user-friendly, graphical format, giving you the ability to view overall trends and dig more deeply into items that warrant closer scrutiny. You’ll have information at your fingertips—for your team and for stakeholders who need to understand the nature and urgency of the cyber threats your organization faces.


    Get inside the minds of your cyber attackers

    How are we being attacked? Where are the cyber attacks coming from? Is this normal?

    Keeping tabs on attackers and their strategies is challenging for organizations of all sizes. It’s not that information isn’t available. In fact, there’s often a surplus of data around indicators of compromise. But even the most sophisticated security teams can have trouble extracting meaning from it. You need information that is presented in context, easily consumable, instructive and ultimately, actionable. 

    Enter Mimecast’s Intelligence Threat Dashboard, which aggregates threat data specific for your environment and offers up easy to consume analysis of the data, so you can better understand the attack vectors you face, optimize your response and mitigate damage if—and when—an attack gets through.


    Keep pace with tomorrow's threats

    There’s no question that the cyberthreat landscape is dynamic, complex and driven by a relentless community of adversaries. Cyber attacks are both increasing and becoming more sophisticated. You need threat intelligence made easy so you can stay current, optimize limited resources, and have peace of mind that you’re doing everything possible to keep your organization safe.


    Quickly and easily access organizational cyber threat data.


    Identify end-users who pose the greatest cyber risk.


    View recently observed indicators of exploitation.


    View recently observed indicators of exploitation.


    See detailed information about detected malware behavior.


    Surface information about malware observed in your environment.

    More Features

    Get access to consumable, actionable threat intelligence data

    Mimecast's Threat Intelligence capabilities deliver actionable insight about the attacks your organization faces and how you can shore up protections to minimize damage.

    Threat Remediation

    Mimecast's threat remediation capabilities help you prevent the spread of malware by supporting rapid remediation of malicious files or messages post-delivery. These capabilities help to quickly identify IoCs and allow you to take immediate action to stop the spread of a cyberattack, protect sensitive data, and minimize damage.


    Threat Feed

    Mimecast's threat feed - our threat intelligence API - provides many opportunities for improving threat intelligence, expanding automation, and accelerating response. This capability helps your security pros surface data about malware on your account using a third-party analytics tool of your choice, giving you information that can help minimize the impact of attacks and keep your organization safer.

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